Monday, February 25, 2013

Time Traveling, Creepy Old Houses and a Stroll on the Beach.

My humble greetings to all my 2-3 readers!

It's almost 2 am, and I'm here writing an entry again.

So I was sleeping over at my friends house yesterday.

We were three people, and we did some stuff together...
Among these things that we did, is the fact that we watched two movies that none of us had watched before.

We saw the somewhat new Disney movie Brave, as well as Looper.

They were both entertaining films, but the better one, in my opinion, is Looper.
One of the only problems (a very excusable one), is that the movie revolved around time traveling.

That's not the problem itself, it's one of the things that made the movie really good. It's just that every single book and movie that uses time travel is quite... Might I say, Fucked up.

I mean that, in the sense that when you start thinking about it, the events don't really make sense.
I have to admit that Looper did a much better job than most other movies that try messing with time. But that is the thing about time traveling; no one really knows how it would work in reality. Thus, one should pay more attention to enjoying the movie than focusing on the time aspect.

Even if we were three people sleeping in the same house, one of us slept in a different room. This wasn't me, so one of my friends and I stayed awake for a ridiculously long amount of time, mostly talking. We spoke about a great variety of things.

We do this every now and then, but an interesting this is that we almost always at some point end up speaking about scary things. This is often triggered by the warping effect that darkness has on inanimate objects (or sometimes moving ones, but the brain often doesn't get enought time to distort moving shadows).

If you have good imagination, you can easily see so frightening visions in the dark that you almost cannot keep watching in the same direction for too long a time.

But anyway, so we began talking about many different scary things. My friend's (That I'm from now on going to call X) parents happen to own two quite large houses. One that they use for living in, and the other one is basically for storing.

The house is a very old one, possibly having existed for more than a hundred years.

It's got to be the perfect haunted house. No matter at what point of the day (or night) it is, It's scary just to sojourn in the hell-house.

There are a lot of creepy objects, such as old dolls with long curly hair, old mirrors and probably more things than you think there is inside of the place.

Not only that, but some rooms are scarier than the others.

There is one attic-like room, without any windows and a door that closes off all light, as well as a weird cellar room, also without windows. No matter what you imagine, I actually think that the real house is scarier than the creations in your heads. I could try to describe the house in greater detail, but it would do nothing compared to actually visiting it.

Funny thing is that I still don't believe in anything paranormal. That's because the existance of scary ghosts and similar things just wouldn't really make sense. Why would the souls of the dead come back just to scare people? In movies, granted that might happen, but why would REAL spirits mimic what the movies have made people perceive as horrifying?

Scary things are naturally not the only thing that I and X talked about. Since we lied awake communicating for more than four hours we got to discuss an extensive selection of topics, Involving (for instance) childhood, the future, change, culture and psychology.

I really enjoy having long and thorough conversations. It's good to have someone to be completely honest with, except for oneself. It's also mentally heatlhy to socialize with other people.

Speaking of psychology, another blogger that I do recommend is the one that calls himself OneSketchist. Not only does he create amazing and creative art, but he has many interesting toughts, which can be exemplified by reading THIS.

He is also very talented when it comes to using the English language, considering the fact that he is from Finland, just like me. I do wish that he'd make more use of apostrophes though...

So, I seem to have written AN ESSAY, yet again, so I'll complete this entry in due time. I should start choosing just one topic for my blogs every now and then, so I can go more in depth in my area of expertise, instead of touching upon subjects and jumping between them.

But as some of you might know, this blog is not only for endless text, but also for music (and some art).

I composed a small song today, as I often do. I was ispired to do it, since I wanted to do something simple that I could teach to a friend of mine. I actually succeeded in making the first part of the song playable for him, but I added some additional instruments and a semi-imrpovised continuation (which turned out to be okay).

The song is not unique; most of it's elements have been done before (if by no one esle, then by me), but I don't think that it is stolen. Originally it was intended for a music box, but the electric piano that I recorded it on didn't provide the possibility of using such a sound.

You can listen to the composition here:

A Stroll on the Beach (

I'd say that it turned out to be okay, considering the amount of time I put into it. For those of you who are sceptical, I can ensure you that I possess the ability to make far better music than what you hopefully just listened to, or are listening to right now.

I used two music tracks: One with a guitar and a vibraphone, the other with a choir and strings.

As to the name, It's just a scenario that I imagine listening to this composition.
For those of you whom are uncunning, the song is a waltz.

That's about it for tonight I think.

You will be able to read my later posts when I post them (You don't say?).

Good 'til whenever you return to reading my blog!

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