Friday, April 28, 2017

The Little Bird

The Little Bird

When the bird fell from the nest,
the morning light shone oh so bright.
The little bird puffed up its chest,
and set off to flight.

From behind it heard a cry,
depressed, distressed, just all awry.
But the creature did not turn,
there was no time for concern.

The little beast was fully yearning,
for the mountain peak, ahead.
The bird felt not an ounce of dread,
eyes shimmering, almost burning.

Flying up the lofty mile,
the bird in glee, revealed a smile.
Far beyond nature’s lament,
went on the winged lump’s ascent.

Yet upon reaching the top,
the little thing could not but stop.
It was met with fiery thunder,
a ravaging volcano under.

The sudden realisation then,
led the being into chaos.
The bird was left behind by Eos,
night ruled all the land again.

Blinded by the utter darkness,
the bird knew naught but drear.
Was the world truly heartless?
The only truth, being fear.

“Nay”, said the bird and chose to fight,
once again it would see light.
It flew on right through the dire,
eyes once more, filled with fire.

The struggle, by no means a farce,
left the bird with breath most sparse.
Yes it kept moving, full of heart,
and finally, the clouds did part.

The bird was welcomed home by mother,
the joy was thick enough to smother.
The bird had found itself to be strong,
celebrating its endeavour with song.

Life sure is full of adventure,
spawning meaning and conjecture.
I hope you all will spread the word,

of our brave little bird.


  1. This is a fantastic literary work! I'd love to read more from you!

  2. I'm glad you like it that much! Thank you for commenting :)
    I haven't really created many serious poems. I did write a few starting chapters for a book once. But I need to revisit it, change a lot of things, and continue it. So I'm afraid there's not much else to share atm xD
    In the future though... Who knows?