Thursday, February 14, 2013

Unpleasant Awakenings, Drawings and Dreams.


Day three of my daily blog, or not, since this whole sentence except for this part that is actually turning out to be quite a bit longer than the first part of the sentence, which I'm referring to, is a lie.

Most normal people would become confused by that unnecessary sentence. Are you one of those people?

My point is that this blog is neither daily, nor is it currently daytime.

Don't be fooled by the time stated on the bottom of the page. At least for me the time suggests that I've posted my earlier entries and probably this one aswell, at the beginning of the day. Naturally that is true at someplaces, but not where I'm from. This is due to the fact that my Google+ account seems to have something going on with it's time settings for me. I might fix that at some point in my life, but since it's actually 00:46 (am), I'm far too tired to do that now.

So, what is the blog going to be about today?

I'll start with telling the story about how i woke up this morning.
I was supposed to wake up at 06:00 to eat breakfast. This is because I was supposed to go jogging due to school Gymnastics at 08:15.

My original intention was to wake up, eat, then go back to sleep. This I succeeded with, and for the first time in my life i fullfilled the task of eating a tortilla at about 06:10 am. The problem was that my mom had apparently missunderstood the whole situation.

About 10 minutes after I had managed to fall back asleep my mom woke me up and asked if I wasn't supposed to be jogging... This took place at 06:40. Thus my mom succeeded in ruining my sleep... And this isn't the first time something similar has happned.

So that was pleasant!

Anyway... The remainiure of the day went on in a somewhat usual way, except for the fact that I was told I won't have to go to school tomorrow (technically today) before about 11 o' clock. This, as you might expect resulted in me still being awake right now. Though I sometimes would be even if I had to go to school at an earlier hour...

I actually made yet another composistion today (technically yesterday). Sadly, or maybe in the opposite direction; luckily, I deemed it to be too good to be posted on this blog. It's not done yet, but in about 1,5 hours I've made 2 minutes of listening material. I'll ask some of my friends what they think of the song as well, but as I already said, I think it turned out to be pretty interesting, and pleasant to listen to. I used almost the same combination of instruments as I did with Icicle Rain, the only difference being that I used a different piano sound (or at least that's what I think).

So since I have no music to post today, I figured that I'll post some of my art instead. The two following pictures are unrealistic and weird landscapes drawn in class. They are not part of my better work I would say, but they turned out to be decent. That is up to you to judge, since here they are:

If you wonder what anything in the pictures is supposed to represent, or symbolize, I am not the right person to ask - nor is anyone, btw.

I usually draw very random stuff so yeah...

The pictures are actually drawn in an empty (rather ex-empty) book that I recently bought (somewhat cheaply).

Im using the book as my dream diary, or alternatively: my dream journual.

That is where I jot down my dreams after I have them. Now you might think that it's stupid to say that I write the dreams after I have them, isn't that obvious?

Actually, many people write down the dreams they wish to have on beforehand, and often succeed with having those dreams aswell. So by me saying that I use the book for writing down my dreams after I have them, you can figure out that I am at least not for the moment one of recently mentioned people. Which is also correct information.

Why do I write down my dreams?

It's actually not just for fun, even if that plays it's part, but there is a far more complicated reason behind why I do that. But that is a topic for another time, since time is flying by. Later at some point I am going to go more into detail about dreaming and sleeping and other spectacularly interesting phenomenons, possibly including hypnosis, which is for those who don't know, actually a real thing (with scientific evidence backing it up quite strongly).

Well, as I mentioned, it is late!

Hence, to/days, -nights blog entry abruptly ends here.

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