Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Music and Angry Old Men.

Greetings to y'all once again!

So I promised myself and my potential readers, which do at least not yet exist that i would try updating my blog once a week to begin with. This is a promise that I already managed to break. Noteworthy is that I didn't break the promise in the usual direction, rather I'm posting this entry too early. I actually began bloggin only as long ago as yesterday.

I seldom feel that I have the spare amount of free time that I had today, so I thought: What better way to waste it than writing in my newly created blog? That is not the only way I used my extra time either. In school I compleded a drawing during class, and when I arrived at one of my two homes, I composed a short song, of which I am going to put a link on todays entry. Mentioned song will be accompanied by another song/improvisation that I made yesterday after posting my first entry in this blog.

I'll describe how the songs came to be in the order that I made them.

Yesterday evening, I composed a song which I later named Icicle Rain.
That one I made entirely with the purpose to be posted on this blog. As I already mentioned in my previous entry, I am not going to post any of my more competent stuff on this blog, so the song was made in quite a floppy manner.

Since it was late, I only came up with the chords for the song in about 10 minutes. Then I simply recorded the chords, with an additional "melody", which was largely improvised. I did this with a combined sound of a piano and a vibraphone, using my electric piano. The sound is what made me choose the name; I imagined icicles dropping from a ceiling in an ice cave, thus creating tones.

I'd say that the result was okay, but if there actually is anyone else that's reading this, feel free to listen to the song yourself, on this website that I found today:

Icicle Rain (yourlisten.com)

Feel free to leave feedback on the semi-improvised song.

The site where I uploaded my newly composed music actually turned out to be pretty useful. I like how I can upload nearly unlimited amounts of my audio files and after that easily being able to share them.

Now, to the other song I made.
I originally wanted to do it also for this blog, and I wanted to make it completely different from the other one, showing that I can indeed compose different kinds of music. Hence, I used different instrments and a fully different theme.

This song was slightly more planned than the previous one. To begin with, I used two separate tracks playing  different things. Both tracks used two different instruments: The one i made first is the one with the piano and choir sounds. Together they made a simple Orchestral base for me to follow when making the melodic part of the song. The melody, I chose to play with a church organ combined with strings.

It might sound like a long process, but the entire making of the song didn't actually take much more than 40 minutes, planning iincluded. That's the easy thing about making music with a synth-like device.

Here you can listen to the final result:

Ancient Resentment (yourlisten.com)

As you can see, both songs were pretty short, which is also the reason as to why they were easy to create. Also, they are both full of both smaller and bigger flaws, which I was too lazy to do anything about.

If anyone is curious of how I recorded the songs you can simply ask, but I don't have time to go into detail about that right now.

Now, I'm going to pretend that you are really curious of why the other song is called Ancient Resentment. It doesn't really fit the song, but there is another reason as to why it's named that way.

It just so happens that I'm living in a high-rise, and an old one. Because of this the walls aren't so effective when it comes to keeping sound from vibrating it's way through the building. Even if I use headphones there is still one thing that my neighbors can hear whilst I'm playing, and that is the constant drumming noise my piano keys make when pressed with force or quickly.

It also just so happens that I have a somewhat old man living right below me, and it seems like he doesn't appreciate me playing that much...

This isn't the first time that this has happened, but while I was playing he suddenly started banging with a cane or something similar on his roof, which is equivalent to my floor. and let's just say that I don't really appreciate the sounds he makes either. This happened during halfway of my reacording of the song, so I decided to dedictate the song to this old angry man.

As to the name of the song again, I thought, what is old and bitter in other words? After about a minute I landed upon Ancient Resentment, and chose to keep that name.

Now I have again succeeded in creating a scripture that is far too long for anyone else than for me to read, thus I'm going to end this entry here... Except I have this odd feeling that I've forgotten something that I was supposed to write about... Yet, there are other days and other opportunities to grasp, so I'll write about what has momentarily faded away from my thoughts due to amnesia another time.

Now, off with you!


  1. De här var ju riktigt läsvärda som du kanske märt då jag gjorde ett konto bara för att kommentera. Kan defenitivt tänka mej att läsa mera i framtiden, och låtarna var ju givetvis bra som alltid=P
    Hoppas du faktiskt fortsätter med det här, då din kombination av väldigt imponerade engelska samt bra sätt att formulera dig gör så att det är lätt att gilla det du skriver, och du har dessutom ganska intressanta teman, enligt mej i alla fall. Ska bli kul och se vart det här går om du fortsätter dessutom då det redan nu är väldigt kul att läsa, och jag tyckte nu inte alls att de var överdrivet långa utan det var lätt att läsa genom hela texten=D
    Så fortsätt bara, jag tänker nu i alla fall läsa dem, så det så=P

    1. Tack! Positiv feedback gör en alltid glad =). (fast negativ respons är också välkommen)

      Jag tänker absolut fortsätta, alltid då jag har tid.

      Vi får se om jag ännu skriver ett inlägg ikväll (eller inatt).