Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Return of the Ruined Sleep, Butterflies and Valentines Day.


If it seemes like this entry is rushed, it's because it is. As usual, it's late and I should really go to sleep, but I felt a need to post on my blog. (It's not that late yet). I won't post any art or music today though, just share my day and my thoughts.

So I was supposed to get quite an extensive amount of sleep tonight, since my school day wasn't to begin before around 11:45. Alas, my sleep was yet again disturbed this morning.

The story begins with my mother getting ill, which resulted in her also being home this morning. I went to sleep late yesterday, so at 09:11 this morning I had slept for less than 7 hours. That is still the time that I woke up.

Since it's Valentine's day today, my mother's fried made a surprise visit to our home, bringing a pastry to my sick mother, at 09:11 am!

That is acceptable though. The part I didn't enjoy was that they kept on speaking with loud voices right outside of my door until approximately 09:30 or something like that (I was tired and didn't keep that much on an eye on the clock, but they spoke for a long time). Thus, my sleep once again got disturbed beyond recovery.

From one topic to another, have you ever thought about what might have happened if some other event hadn't occured?

For instance, today I completed the song that I began composing the previous day. I added slightly more than 20 seconds to it, whereafter I recorded it.

Let's say that I hadn't woken up too early today. How would those 20 seconds of music differ from how they sound now?

People often say that one shouldn't spend time thinking about what could've happened, since it didn't, but I still find the thought interesting. I might actually go deeper into the idea of the Butterfly Effect later in my blog... (not the movie).

The song turned out to be fine, in fact, too fine to be posted here. I still wish that I hadn't been woken up though. I'm positive I could've made those 20 seconds sound good anyway. Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to hear the various possible versions of those 20 seconds? Of course, depending on the small diffrences in events that could have happened today, the time of 20 seconds could have been altered to be more or less, timewise aswell... hmm... It would still be cool to have a device capable of seeing into/listening to alternate realities.

Aaaaaaanywaaaay. Two days ago I had a brilliant idea for Valentine's day. Sadly however, I lacked the guts to perform my clever act of evil.

Heart shaped cookies were sold at my school this week. My idea was to sacrifice the small amount of 90 cents to buy one of these heart shaped cookies. Then, one would walk up to a random stranger (no matter of which sex), and with an embarrassed expression hand over the cookie. Then simply semi-run away.

Imagine how that must make the other person feel. They would probably be very confused, and think that you have a crush on them or something. Afterwards you could tell the person that it was only a prank. It would still be fun, but I couldn't bring myself to doing it.

Imagine how many ways that situation might go wrong though. What if it turned out to be a person that actually liked you, as you pretended to like them?

I could go in to detail about all that could go wrong, but I'm confident that you can figure that out by your selves, so I wont.

I was supposed to talk about my redeemed debts today, but I lack the time, therefore I'll try to write about them another time.

I've reached the deadline that I set for myself, so I'll end this post here.

Or here.

Actually I think that this is indeed the best place for me to end this entry. Yes that must certainly be it. All the quantum triadloids of the heptares of the entire universe suggest that this placement is the best possible in existance for ending my latest piece of scripture. That must certainly be it...

 (What are you still doing here?)

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