Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hair, Winter, Airplanes and Freedom!

Hello once again my fellow human beings!

I'm back after a long brake of approximately five days.

I've been really busy with unnecessary things, such as life, and stuff...

No but really... I have been busy this past week. But now I have Winter Holidays! For abaout a week.
This means that I'll have time to do some things that I haven't had time for earlier.

Sadly it seems like most teachers thought that it was a really good idea to give lots and lots of homework the week before the holidays. So I've actually done some of them in the evenings. But now I'm done!

Now I've finally got some time for writing here, writing in my book, playing the piano, having fun, being with frieds and doing other more or less important things.

I've actually cut my hair a couple of days ago, so I'll change my profile picture, if you for some reason are interested in seeing the small but noticable difference.

Another unusual thing is that I havn't composed anything new for an entire week! That is very rare, but not necessarily in the positive way. Basically the only things one might call creative that I've accomplished this week is making a few final, but almost insignificant tweaks to my song, Winterscape, and completing the drawing with the same name.

I'll post the picture here, for you to see.

I tried to upload the picture with better quality than last time, and I made the size bigger, and it seems like I succeeded.

The composition and the drawing do not really resemble eachother to too large an extent, but I can imagine them being linked.

Now, to movies.

There is this site called The Internet Movie Database, which is probably the most sizeable online archive of movies (Not really the movies themselves, rather information about them).

I mostly agree with the site, to a certain degree, and I really recommend it.

Every now and then however, the users on the site hold an opinion that I absolutely cannot understand.
For instance, today I re-watched a movie from the 90s, called Con Air. It's certainly not the best movie in existance, but I still think it deserves a far better rating than 6.7/10.
The movie features lots of great actors, and the story is entertaining and is easily watchable.

A different thing that I am not fond of is Metascore (Metacritic). It seems like most of both professional, and free time movie critics have forgotten what a good movie is, and on which bases to judge it.

An example of this is their rating of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. For some reason they saw it fit to vote an avarage of 58/100 in score. I think that is quite unfair...

But oh well...

I don't really feel like writing more tonight.

It feels kinda like my english isn't at it's usual level, but a bit beneath it.

This is probably because I yet again am tired, mostly (yet again) due to me sleeping too little. Every time that I've tried to go to sleep early someone has needed me somewhere, or I've had some task of the day yet unfinished... (The small amounts of sleep have resulted in pretty interesting and weird dreams though).

So now that I'm free from school for a week, I'll try to get a few nights of good, recovering sleep.

I'm going to start with this procedure basically right now.

(Before I go, here's a music tip. You've probably heard it before, but you also probably haven't ever heard it in it's full version, so here you go: King of the Pride Rock [Orchestral music by Hans Zimmer, possibly with assistance from Elton John])


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