Monday, February 11, 2013

Blogging and Other More or Less Random Stuff

Hello world...

I didn't think that this would happen anytime soon, but you can by yourself witness how wrong I was.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about me starting a blog.

I've for a long time thought about eternalizing my thoughts in one way or another, and I eventually landed on blogging as the metod for doing so. I also considered vlogging for a while, but at least for the moment that is something that I will not do, but who can tell what the future has in mind?

Anyway, my previous writings that you just might have read a moment ago* (I'll return to that), naturally raise the question of why I'm writing this blog in the first place. There are many reasons actually, but I'll try to explain.

As I first already stated, I want a way to save my thoughts without having to remember them. Do I do this because I think that my thoughts are really impotant compared to everyone else's? No. This blog is for the most part only for myself. This way I'll have something to read at later stages of my life, besides, sometimes I really enjoy writing, but I often find that I don't really have the time to do things like this.

Another factor that guided my decision to begin writing like this is the fact that I began reading one of my friends blogs, and I really liked his way of blogging. So I simply wanted to do something similar to that. I really recommend his blog. If some of you are interested he calls himself OneSketchist. Just google it and you'll find his blog. He is a most esteemed creator of art, and he posts a lot of his work on his blog.

Many of you readers (if you exist) might wonder why I have to explain such a simple thing as blogging, which has become quite usual in later days. I'm guessing that it is since I'm new to this kind of way of sharing my thoughts. So if you feel the need to, you can comment below, stating your thoughts, criticizing, or giving some other form of feedback.

*Of course, as I already mentioned, this is at least to begin with mostly a blog for my self, but you never know, somone might find it, so I figured I'd write it with the preassumption that someone that is not me would come to read the blog. Eventually I might aswell reveal the existance of this blog to other people that I know. I don't really think that anyone is interested in my thoughts, since I have a very own way of seeing things, but who knows?

So what is this blog going to be about?

I'm not totally sure yet. I know that I'm going to write about my thoughts on different matters, and that I will try to write about things that some might find interesting, and possibly post creations*(2) of different kinds here. What do I mean by that? Well, hmm...

I'm not going to write anything too personal here, since this is the internet, but I'll write something about myself so that you can get an idea of who I am and what I do.

My name is Alexander Nyman (Swedish for Newman), so now you might automatically assume that I'm from Sweden unless you know otherwise. I'm actually a 17 years old boy from Finland (edit: but now I'm 18, so yeah... [Edit 2, and now I'm already 20. DAMN YOU, TIME!]), more specifically Vasa, which is a city from mentioned country.

In this blog I might be called Shadow Dreamer, but as you've probably figured out that is not a real name for anyone. Now why choose such a name? Well... It's a name that I've been using online for some time. It seems like I'm not the only one, considering that I sometimes can't sign up for websites with that name, but it doesn't bother me too much, since I in those cases mostly sign up with a slightly longer username; LucidShadowDreamer.

And if anyone has read this far, you may ridicule me for my choise of what to call myself, but I must warn you: I don't really care.

Back to topic. *(2) If anyone of my potential readers know me in real life, you might know that I play the piano. Not as known is that I also compose songs every now and then. Aside from that I aslo sometimes make what some people might call art, but that mostly consists of doodles created during class. However, I sometimes draw things that actually look somewhat good. Of course my work never reaches the same level as OneSketchist's does, but that doesn't bother me, as he is really dedictated. I actually bought a painting that he made, of which I might post a picture in the future.

So, I might post some of my art, and possibly some of my music. But I'm a bit scared of posting my better stuff here when it comes to music, at least before I potentially publish some of it in another way. But if I compose something that I don't believe I'll do anything useful with, I might post it here. Sadly, that will only show my works that I'm not really proud of, but that cannot be helped.

Since I live in Finland you might wonder why I've decided to write in English. The reason is really simple; I feel more comfortable writing in this language than I do when writing in Finnish or Swedish. As a bonus, it is good practise. Very few people know about this, but I'm currently writing a book, also in English. It might never be done, but I enjoy writing it. I don't really know if I'll ever publish it, but At least the few readers I have seemed to think the beginning was quite readable.

I don't think I'll post it here either, but we'll see about that. It might be that no one will ever read this blog except for me, but it is for the future to prove that wrong or indeed correct.

I'm not yet sure of how often I am going to update this blog. I might try to begin with once a week, but I'll make no promises.

This first post of mine turned out to become quite a bit longer than I first intended, so if anyone actually reads this post, I doubt that they'll have made it this far, unless they skipped to this part.

I originally intended to start my blog with writing about headaches, since I  had one when I began writing. But it gradually got better, so I'll save that for another time, since I'm certain that I will soon have more of these horrible experiences.

Still, I have not yet chosen a profile picture, but I think I'll pick the one I took a minute before I began writing. I took it with my webcam, and while my head still ached. So if I succeed with choosing that picture as my avatar pic, you'll know what I look like when I have a headache (If you read this entry long after I posted it I might have changed the picture).

Now, my first entry in my blog is coming towards it's end.

Since I don't have anything else than my writing to post this first time, I'll recommend a band I newly found.
They are from Sweden, and they are called Detektivbyrån. Sadly, the band members quit playing together in 2010, but one person from the band still creates music.

His name is Martin, and about two months ago, his new band Wintergatan (vintergatan means milkyway) released a new song, followed by another one. I encourage you to check them out.

I enjoy most kinds of music, but I think that previously mentioned bands consist of exceptionally talented people.

anyway, its getting late, and I realize that nobody will ever read everything that i have written in this entry, so it is time to stop. As previously mentioned, feedback is nice to receive, so feel free to write comments if you exist.

That is all for now.


  1. Läste hela och den var ju riktigt intressant.
    Skriver sen nu på svenska då jag har lite bråttom och tänkte dessutom läsa din andra ännu idag men det var ju en riktigt bra ide det här och mycket intressant att läsa.
    Kan också säga att jag verkligen är imponerad av din engelska, den var supermäktig och väldigt få stavfel så på skrivfroten kan du verkligen:P
    Hoppas du fortsätter då jag faktiskt skulle kunna tänka mej läsa de här.
    (Skulle kunnat säga det här i skolan men tycker det känns bättre att istället skriva en kommentar då man kanske kan säga lite mer här eller nå, det är kul iaf så tror jag fortsätter med det)

    1. Tack!

      Och angående engelskan så visste du väl redan att jag kan skriva relativt bra. Man kan inte påstå att du är dålig på engelska heller; särskilt när det gäller att tala så klarar du av det mycket bättre än mig =).

      Det är kul att ha en läsare också, så kan jag sluta skriva "potentiella" läsare hela tiden.

      Du får gärna fortsätta kommentera när det passar, då det av något skäl känns mycket trevligare då!