Monday, March 31, 2014


Now, some of you probably thought this was going to be a blog post about depression. While I might make a post about that topic sometime, now it's time for a lighter note.

I will try to be more active on this blog as well, at least during the summer time!

I will only make this post short, as an advertisement for myself, but after a couple of weeks, I'll finally have a lot of free time on my hands!

So... Back to what this blog entry is about?

I made a game!

I know nothing about programming, but I used a program made for people like me who still would like to develop flash games (for beginners, basically).

It's my first game ever (apart from a few small projects I did when I tried out Game Maker about 5 years ago, or more). Even so, I think it has done quite well for itself! I entered the game as my submission for a contest on a website, called Newgrounds.

The game was actually frontpaged, so I've received a bout 4000 views already, which is pretty huge for a small dude like me.

If you'd like to, you can play the game by clicking this picture:

The game, as one might guess, is supposed to be pretty athmospherical; I wanted to build up a certain mood.

If I had to place it in a genre, i'd say it is a pshychological platform/puzzle game.
Even if it's not your type of game, I'd appreciate if you tried it out!

I made everything for the game myself: The music, the "programming", the "art/animations", the level design, the sound effects; even the font!
So now I have a font... Yay.

As many of you will know, I'm definitely not an artist, and I also had to rush this project immensly, in order to actually reach the deadline :p
My matriculation exams came in between, which is a bummer.

I'm actually doing quite okay in the contest. Based on user ratings, my game has consistently stayed among the top 10 submissions, out of 120 contestants. So although I probably won't win one of the three classic pedestals (gold, silver, bronze), I'm pretty happy about my "success"

If you want to check out some of the other games, you can go to this page.

That's pretty much it for this post. I've been pretty active on Newgrounds these past months, so if you want to know what has been happening lately, you can check out my profile/news posts over here.

I've also been doing some stuff with music, like a spoof on the "happy birthday" song, for example.

You can check out my projects here.

EDIT: I actually won a fourth place prize in the contest! Read more about it here! :'D


Thanks for your attention ;)


  1. God is miss your work! It was so nice to see a post again! :) I have been checking your blog weakly, eager for my content. You're my favorite blogger, and I also want to congratulate on your new awesome game! The idea was really cool and the fact that you did everything yourself is impressive.
    Keep going bro! I'll be eager for more music and blogs! : D

  2. Thanks dude! I appreciate it :)
    I've been thinking about writing often, but I've had a lot of other stuff going on lately. I have at least one blog post on my mind right now, which I'll probably write late next week!

    Thanks for playing my game too :p Did you know that the creator of Newgrounds actually followed me on the site today? Wow... o.O

    Thanks again, more music and posts are on their way ;)

  3. I was just logging onto blogger to start writing on my own blog again, and I see this in my feed! It seems as if though I am not the only one who has decided to once again pick up the pen after a lengthier pause.

    Interesting game, I must say! I think you ought to have advertised your blog a little on Newgrounds, as your game is quite thrillingly receiving a good bit of attention!

    1. Hey dude!
      Oh how I've missed reading those insightful blog entries of yours!
      It's good to hear that we both feel up to the task of writing once more, now that we ought to have a bit free time upon our hands :'D

      I am pleased to see that you think the game is interesting, and thanks for trying it out!
      Acutally, I have a link to my blog on my user page. I would also have advertised for it more, but it felt a bit dumb, since I haven't written anything in a while. In the future though, I think I'll try to convince a few people to come over here to read my stuff; I know a couple of friends on Newgrounds that just might be interested :p

      I can barely wait for your next post! I'll eagerly await its emergence :3

    2. I think a flashgame such as the one you made could turn out to be quite rewarding in terms of blog followership. But if you feel your blog wasn't worth mentioning with the recent inactivity, I guess that makes sense. I just think the link in the user page is still a bit... Shy. This is a good blog worthy of a larger readership than it probably has, and more readers = perhaps a bit of a boost in motivation? Hmm.

      I've definitely missed blogging in these four or so months that I've been gone. It's strangely therapeutic. But I've kinda felt that in the face of all the important things on my plate recently, what with the exams and all, the blog has been the least worthy contender for my time.

      Going to the gym also quickly fell out of my weekly routine, as reading along with basic needs such as social life and entertainment demanded whatever time was left over. Sad! But I guess that's just how it goes. I mean, one has to prioritize. Sorry, readers :P

    3. Noooo!!! What are you doing? I'm supposed to read for my geography exam :O
      Damn you, internet addiction!

      "This is a good blog worthy of a larger readership than it probably has"

      => Aww, now you're making me blush :'3 Serioulsly though, I really appreciate it!

      Fine, you've convinced me. Since I'm planning on writing more in the future, I'll now proceed to shamelessly promote my blog in the game's description :)
      Even if my game doesn't win one of the three prizes (which it won't), I'll probably get several thousands views more on the game in the future, since not only the winners are further promoted after the competition. Newgrounds really is a great site for beginners, in whatever artistic field (it has an art section too you know, so if you feel like getting some much deserved recognition, I warmly recommend the site ;) [the most watched art pieces have several hundred thousand views, which is quite cool in my opinion]).

      As for motivation, you're right in that one could always use a small kick forward!

      Also, I can fully agree with, as well as relate to your entire second pharagraph!

      And yes, those exams have taken their toll out on me too. Now I can finally go back to reading A Song of Ice and Fire, as well as get back into shape before the drafting begins :) The military will probably be the next time consuming element that will draw attention from other things...

      We're indeed sorry readers, but now we're back in action!!!! WOHOO :'D

      Right... Geography...