Monday, February 18, 2013

Time, Dreaming, and a New Age of Computer Issues.

Good evening to all of you!

I finally took the time to fix my time.

What? Are you confused?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my time settings on were wrong. So if I, for instance, uploaded an entry in my blog at about 2:30 am, the time of uploading you would read at my blog would be around 16:30 pm or something like that (I don't remember the time difference anymore).

Basically, today I fixed that problem. Now you should see the correct time of uploading on all my posts.

So that was that.

Today I woke up at the miraculously late time of 13:00.

I went to sleep exactly 03:21, so I still didn't sleep ten hours. In addition I didn't fall asleep for atleast 20 minutes, and I woke up twice during the night, and also stayed awake for about twenty minutes both awakenings included. So all in all, I didn't gain more than 9 hours of sleep.

Another problem is that I'm supposed to wake up at 6:45 tomorrow (school), and now it's 23:12.

I can't possibly fall asleep yet! I've only been awake for 10 hours, whereas I usually am awake for at least 15 hours (more like 16) each and every day, weekends included (with some exceptions, like right now).

So the plan is to write this text with still unknown length (for me at least, you could always check), before attempting to slumber. Hence, I'll get too little sleep this night, wich will lead to me being tired. Thanks to that I should be capable of going to sleep early tomorrow, and thus I should have returned to my normal sleep cycle.

I fear my plan will not go as planned, but let's hope that it does.

On another note, why did I wake up in the middle of the night in the first place?

That's because I had some of the weirdest imaginable dreams tonight, and I remember most of them all. So the times I woke up during the night I wrote the dreams into my dream journal. I could write about them in detail here, but I won't. Not because they would be dreams I couldn't share, but because you wouldn't gain much from reading about them here.

Sadly, the experiences of dreams cannot effectively be put on paper, at least not in a way that would do much for anyone else than the dreamer. It works better for the dreamer himself/herself, since the memories of the dreams are still somewhat comparable to experiencing them.
Still, I remembered ridiculously many details from my dreams tonight, so when I woke up at 1 pm, I spent about twenty minutes more writing down the dreams I had between waking up in the middle of the night and then.

Finally (It might become quite a lengthy finally), I had some problems with music editing today.

My keyboard normally saves music as MIDI files after being recorded on it. So if I want more space on my keyboard, I use an SD card to export my files to the computer. But I often record many different melodies on one single track, since my synth allows that. When moved from the keyboard and then back again, it becomes a mess.

So since I didn't compose anything today, even if I still wanted to share some of my music on this blog, I wanted to use some of my older stuff.

I found this one song on my computer, recorded sometime in 2012. However, on the track with it there were four other songs aswell (five, or technically six is the maximum amount, depending on how you count). I could listen to the song I wanted to choose separately on the computer, but in the synth, I heard all of them together.

How could I fix this?

I figured I'd download a free MIDI editing software, and create a track with only the song I wanted. The idea was good, but It was more difficult to actualize it.

I tried three different programs, before finding one I could actually use (the rest of them had problems that I don't want to go deeper into here).

Ultimately, the procedure took me about one and half of an hour. If nothing else, now I know what I'll do in the future.

So here the song/improvisation is. I remember planning a somewhat lengthy base for me to improvise on, but the rest is just continuing on that.

New Age (

I named the song "New Age" today, since the sound I used on my synth was called New Age Pad.

There are some ill sounding parts in this half-improvisation, and many mistakes, aswell as a weird ending. But for some reason I still like listening to it.

The clock is about to turn 12, so I think it's about time to stop writing,

Goodnight! (I'll try going to sleep now).

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