Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quick Update. Nothing Funny Here.

I'm tired, and it's late. I won't even properly greet you. Though, now I almost did.

So, Today has been quite an eventful day.

I woke up with a headache, adopted from the night before; not even a full nights sleep could get rid of it. It's a bit ironic, since the headache was probably in the first place caused by the sleep that I lost earlier this week.

About two hours later, I took a pill. That eventually got rid of this horrid thing called: headache.

I was invited to dinner, at my Grandfather's house. So My family went there. There we ate some Beef Bourguignon. I really love eating that dish. I love the taste, the aftertaste, the impact it has on the other stuff you eat. I don't like mushrooms, but I don't even mind them in that kind of food. Mushrooms actually taste good with Beef Bourguignon.

After that, I came home once again. There I made a final adjustment to my new song, Winterscape. The length of it is now revolving somwhere around three minutes, which according to me is a rather suitable length.

Thenceforward, at least for this day, I was at my friends house.

Yesterday he turned eighteen, so today, - (Saturday. For me that's technically yesterday, although I was still there for a little while today [I just came home again]) - We celebrated his birth by playing the famous boardgame, Risk.

Though it was a very interesting game, I won't describe it in detail here. Many negotiations were made, many evil tactics were used, many fights were settled, much blood and many tears were spilled, and it took at least five hours in total, possibly much more.

Anyway, this has been quite an eventful day for me, as I already mentioned.

I figured I'd post an entry every day this first week of my blog, since I've already come so far. After tomorrow I should have compleated this task.

Sadly however, I have no art nor any music to post here today.

I'd say that I'm done writing for now.


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