Saturday, February 16, 2013

Long Forgotten Debts, Music and "Art".


Once again it is time to share an entry in my blog with you.

I'm going to begin where I left off yesterday.

So, It turns out that I had wtihout knowing it had a "HUGE" debt for probably about four years now. Can you guess to whom I owed this horribly large amount of money, aka. 45 cents...??? The debt wasn't actually to a person, but to the library.

Many years ago from now, I frequently used to borrow books from the library, and if you didn't return the books or other stuff that you borrowed in time, you would get a fee that you had to pay eventually. It seems I must have returned a book, or something similar, too late at some point in my life that I have no memory of.

A couple of days ago I had to go to the library again from school, and when I borrowed what I came there for, I cast an eye at the receipt I had just received. I noticed something odd with it, and there it said that I owed 45 cents to the storage of scripture known as the Library. So when I had some free time I went back there to pay the debt...


I know I said in yesterdays blog that I completed the song I began composing at Wednesday. This was however not entirely true. Today I looked at the piece's length, which was about 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and decided that that is slightly too short. So today I sat down by my keyboard (the instrument) and made about 20 seconds of listening material more. so let's see if I'll keep this new version, or if I'll continue even more later.

However, as I'm now mentioning for what seems like the hundredth time: The song is too good to be posted here, so I can't show you any changes, or even the song at all actually. I'd say that this composition turned out to be one of the best ones that I've ever made, possibly the very best, depending on taste and such things. I'm actually not sure in what ranking I'd place it myself.

I still have some music to post today, just not that piece.

For quite some time ago, I recorded an improvisation that I made on the piano, and stored it somewhere in the depts of my computer files. Today I refound it, and decided it was good enough to be posted on this blog, but not good enough not to do it.

I was about to rename it Eerie (from the previous dull name: Random Improv.), since it is the kind of feeling it's supposed to raise. But, I realized that there is a rare, yet, somewhat accepted alternate version of spelling the word, so I chose to rename the song Eery vs Eerie instead. I believe that the improvisation merely consists of the same four chords played over and over again, but the final result turned out to be listenable anyway (I do believe that I just made that word up [A farfetched reference to The Hobbit]).

So here it is:

Eery vs Eerie (


I also drew a delineation for a new landscape drawing in my Dream Diary. I'll post the sketch here, and I'll try to remember to post the finished drawing when it's completed.

Notice that the quality of the picture will suck, since the Drawing was made with weak uses of force, using a mere pencil. Besides, the picture is taken with my phone in a not so bright area.

hmm... One can see almost nothing with this quality, but it will be all the more interesting comparing it to the compleated picture when it's done.

I named the picture Winterscape (for reasons not easily noticable in this unfinished picture), which is aslo the name of the new song I mentioned earlier in this entry. The picture and the composition weren't related to eachother to begin with, but coincidentally they are as of now.


I was originally supposed to write in my book this night. Alas, I feel way too tired to do that now... This might be thanks to my sleep being ruined too many times this week. So since it's weekend I'll try to get a good nights sleep instead, and possibly write tomorrow. A problem with that is that it is difficult for me to write during daytime. Apparently I'm something of a nightowl... And tomorrow I won't get home before it's very late, for reasons that I'm too tired to explain.

So it's time for me to get some rest, and for you to stop reading.

Anti-Hello to all you fine gentlemen and gentlewomen!

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