Sunday, May 31, 2015

Elaborate Selfies

What's up with that title?

Today, we're going to have a bit of a different blogpost. A 100% self centered one at that, a bit more like the blogs that normal people write ;)

I know this cool photographer kid who thinks he is very artsy and stuff, who likes to do elaborate camera-shutter thingeys with good lighting and shit. You know who you are, VICTOR.
I, on the other hand, am here to show that my selfies are waaaay cooler without all that stuff. WAAAY COOLER.

Well, not really, I'm only joking of course.

The real reason I'm doing this, is because I haven't really had the energy to write about longer and heavier topics. And, because I might as well share some of my weirdest selfies, because I can. I don't usually take pictures of myself. Only if I'm doing something special or weird, usually. So there is a slight chance that this'll be a little bit interesting anyway. But before that, make sure to check out the blogpost made by OneSketchist.

This is going to be a pretty short post, but you'll live XD
Shall we begin?

This is me, wearing a nice mask of flour. This picture is probably one of the first selfies I have ever taken, and it was taken during my confirmation camp. It's a thing done in Lutheran Churches in the very least. I'm actually not religious in any way, but the camp was actually really fun (as you might see), gotta give'm that!

So the order of these pictures is going to be totally random; just a heads up.

Even though it might not be evident in this picture, this is actually a picture of me at one of the happiest points in my life. What could that be? You know how sometimes relief is the greatest happiness? Well, this is the day that I got to leave the army, and the first time in almost half a year that that locker was pretty much empty.

This is me wearing what is probably one of my favorite outfits. I don't ever wear it though, as it's that out there. Very warm for the head too, and I'm not that hot-headed. I wore this the previous Halloween. Makes me think that I should probably dye my hair black again (this is not real hair ofc; it's actually a winter hat. I'm just saying, I want my hair dyed again).

Am I hiptser enough for you in this picture? What, you think it's too try-hard? WELL PSYCHE, it's not actually my clothes, but it's OneSketchist's again! AHAHAHAHA. .......
But no, it's really a pretty neat outfit. Perhaps not my style though :p

Prepare for trouble, and make it double.
To protect the world from devastation,
to unite all people within our nation,
to denounce the evil of truth and love,
to extend our reach to the stars above,


Yup. This is me cosplaying James, from Team Rocket, from Pokémon. I dressed up for a thing called "Penkkis", which is basically a big event including cosplay and other fun stuff taking place before graduaion. Good times :)

If you want to see a better and more fabulous picture where I'm wearing the costume, just click the image!

And can I just say how much I hate the user interface on blogger sometimes? I had to go and edit a lot of code in the HTML section to remove an annoying thing that shouldn't even happen -_-

This is really one of the first selfies I ever took, probably among the first 5 or so. I don't know what age I was in this picture, but my guess is that I was around 14-15 years old or so. I think it's a pretty cool picture still, partly because of the lighting and the angle, but also because of the hair right after I took a shower. That's probably why I took the picture in the first place too, because usually, my hair is pretty boring :p
The thing that irritates me the most about this picture though, is that I know that my lips aren't that smooth anymore. I have a lot of cracks and other dryness related problems with them. But that may just be because the winter has just passed. Maybe this first world problem will resolve itself during the summer?

I guess that thing with the lips bothered me so much that I decided to use some makeup? The quality of this photo is a bit low because of the dark lighting, but I think it's still clear. I think it's funnier if I don't explain the context though, so I'll let that remain a mystery ;)
OneSketchist was really right though. Taking pictures up close really causes noses to look big. Now I can't unsee it o.O

That's a 100% radical feminist related joke. I mean, I'm not a feminist, which is part of the joke. That may come off as a bit loaded, but one of these posts, I'll explain my views on Feminism.
But yeah. This really is a picture of me crying very manly tears, watching Clannad, which is a very emotional anime. Once again, because of the lighting, it might be difficult to see that I'm crying, but you can probably spot the teardrop on the left side of my face just below my lips. Speaking of lefts and rights, it's pretty interesting how some people think from their own perspective, while other people think from the perspective of other people, isn't it? Apparently, it usually is related to how much empathy a person possesses. A lot of 's' -ess in that word. Not much unlike "Assassins".

Now why would I take a picture of me crying? Well... Probably because I cry so rarely. On some level, it proves that I am human, doesn't it?

(Mission accomplished, now all the stupid humans around me will never realize that I am actually an alien from the planet Gatzikhczorb! Muahahahahaha!)

Not much to say about this one. I just posted it for the lolz :p
Googly eyes are always fun. I remember taking a few to school one day, and putting them up everywhere! On a statue in our school, on a poster of a skeleton, and a few other select places. The teachers didn't seem to mind though; the eyes were usually left alone. I still have a lot of them. Let's see how universities appreciate googly eyes...
Btw, if you didn't notice the makeup in my makeup selfie, let me make it up to you!

In this picture, you probably have some kind of sickness if you can't see the makeup on my face. This is me at one of the worst points in my life; the day that our 11 days non-stop army camp began. Man that sucked! Luckily, it's all ogre now.

This was the before picture. Time for the after picture.

This is right after 11 days in the woods. Can you imagine all the freshness? I must've smelled really nice... I seem to have survived that experience with a smile on my face though, because as I said, relief is one of the best feelings :)

We're closing in on the end of this pointless post. This is the most recently taken selfie in this entry. I was surprised to find some beard lichen (skägglav, or Usnea of the family Parmaliaceae) in the forest around our cabin in the woods. I guess that it's actually some kind of fungi, but it's pretty obvious where it got its name from. I think it's actually illegal to collect or harm it here, but this one was not connected to a tree, and was probably already dying, so it's okay! I put it up on a branch afterwards anyway, but I don't know whether that actually helps at all :p

This is me trying to make myself look as sexy as possible. I hope I succeeded ;)
I honestly don't remember why I took this picture, but I think it's worth sharing true beauty.

Now, we only have one picture left. I must warn you though, it is pretty graphic, so it is not for those weak of heart. What I'm sayin', is be prepared. That is also why the picture is partly censored. But for those of you who want the full effect, you could always hover your mouse over the image, which will remove the censored box...

So yeah. Told you it was pretty explicit. I usually don't take these kinds of pictures, but I've noticed something interesting with the lighting. If I stand at a specific angle, and have a strong light from one direction, it will give the illusion that I actually have abs (albeit small ones)! Which is not true :p
I didn't manage to recreate it fully in this image, but it worked well enough that you can see the effect a little bit.

Oh, and one last thing. I know you hovered the mouse over the image, you pervert you! On second thought, I probably should've photoshopped it so that a duck appears instead of the censored box upon mouse over, but I was too lazy, so it had to be the original image instead XD
That'd be a pretty good picture to photoshop, just saying.

That is pretty much all for now though.

As usually, I'll also post a couple of the songs I've made recently.

The first one, is a pirate themed track, which I've composed myself, using Orchestral intruments. The mixing could be a lot better, but oh well. Some day I will learn!

And the second one is a pretty short improvisation on the piano. You know. Just about 1 hour long.

I know noone will listen to at least the second one here, but I had to post it out of tradition anyway.

But that really is everything for this blog. I hope that I'll get some more energy to write about something more interesting than myself next month, but I'm actually going on a trip to Cyprus, so we'll have to see how that goes o.O

That said, even if I don't write that frequently at the moment, OneSketchist is currently writing once a week it seems, and I recommend reading his blog if you're looking for mine but no new post has been uploaded!

Anywho... I hope you're having a good time and will continue having one.

Until next time, suckas.


  1. So many kind words and so many references... Thank you!

    1. No problem dude; you totally deserve more attention, especially now that you're active ;)