Monday, May 8, 2017

Amazingly Alluring Art

This isn't a normal blog post, at least when you consider the fact that it is I, who is posting, and the style is quite different. I recently participated in the Art Inspired Music Contest (AIM for short), on Newgrounds. While looking through some of the art on NG, I found so many great creations that I feel the need to share them with you. I'll just leave all the links here, so that you can click on whichever one you'd like!

The one I ultimately went for, is the very first artwork I pulled up. Turned out that choosing between the other ones was too difficult a task for someone this indecisive. So I decided to just share them here, and go for my first pick:

Naturally, if you want to, you can also listen to the composition I made:

You can also watch the video of me play it:

That's really all for this time!

Thanks for checking out this blog of mine every now and then, and have a great time, 'til next time ;]

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