Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boring and Short Update.


This'll probably be my shortest entry thus far.

I just decided to mention that I finished the song (not holistically, of course) that I dedicated to OneSketchist (since it's because of him I made the composition in the first place).

Listen to the song here!

Drawing a Universe (

Speaking of OneSketchist: a while ago I bought a painting which he has made. I framed it, and then I just left it lying on my floor. However, yesterday I momentarily distanced myself from my laziness and hung the painting on my wall, above my piano.

Here are some neat pictures!

If you have a hawk's eye (this is funny, since I'm actually holding a hawk in the picture on my piano), you might notice that the painting hangs slightly crookedly (It isn't as evident as it would be if you were standing in my room, because of the angle that the pictures are taken in). (Crookedly may, or may not be an actual word).

That flaw is however no more; I corrected that as soon as I noticed.

Another thing that slightly annoys me is that the painting should have been hung a little bit more to the left, and possibly higher (That on the other hand, isn't as evident in real life as it is portrayed through the pictures).

Here's a close up of the painting:
(It's aptly named Life and Death)

By the way, try clicking the last picture and see what happens!

That is all for today!

If you want more reading, visit OneSketchist's blog ;p


  1. Thats one brilliant composition, and seeing the painting there is a tug at my heartstrings!

    1. Why thank you! And I'll have to say the same about you complimenting my music =)

      There has actually been several instances of people complimenting your painting aswell, when they have visited my room!