Sunday, March 17, 2013


I'm back, it seems.

I've been absent from this blog for ten days now. The only reason for this is that I have pretty much lacked the time to be able to write here; this since I know that I usually dedictate at least one hour per entry that I make. Usually I write during nighttime, and I have been going to sleep early every day this week. Now, on the other hand, I'm writing during daytime. Actually I'm writing this on beforehand; for reasons I don't intend to explain I'll probably post this first in about three hours.

There has been much going on as of late in my life, but nothing too special. I have been stuck at school, had homework (of which I actually made a little!) and have been doing things of such nature. I have also been playing the piano more than usual lately, mostly because I have had to train on things I'm supposed to learn for school.

I have also tried to compose something new and creative, but I havn't quite achieved what I'm trying to this week. I had several semi-succesful, but yet, failed attempts though.

At least yet I won't post anything that I've created lately. Instead, I'll share with you some of my earlier work. This is my first attempt at creating something that resembles music played by an orchestra. Sadly, I didn't take the time to insert drums, not that I think I'd be good at it. The song was made more than half a year ago.

From the Depths (

I'm not sure why I named the composition the way I did, but meh...

If I recollect accurately, the instruments used consist of two piano sounds, one elecrtic piano sound, one vibraphone sound, one organ sound, one string track, one choir track, one harpsichord and one guitar sound.

The amount of instruments is part of the reason to the length of the composition.
I'm not sure why, but I actually kinda like this one. It could have handled a bit more fixing, but it sounds okay. It would have been cool if I'd've (unproper use of abbreviations) slightly panned some of the instruments.

Anyway, feel free to comment on and criticize the song.

Another thing that took place this weekend was my birthday. I'm now officially of legal age (in my country). I'f you don't know me in real life and you just see the picture in my blog, It's probably hard to imagine that I'm actually 18 years old.
Fun fact: a couple of weeks ago I was actually asked whether I was thirteen or fourteen years old! The situation was kind of awkward... But fun!

When I'm 50 years old but look like I'm 25, everyone will be jealous! Exept if I get horribly burned in a terrible accident and my whole face kind of melts... That wouldn't look so hot... (pun intended).

Back to topic (if only one would exist). I got some cool presents this year (and there's probably more to come).

My favorite one so far is a special music box that I wished for. I won't post footage of me using it, but here's a video and where to buy it. (You can decide the tones that it makes yourself with a paper strip, just like in an old player piano).



Here is also a band using a very similar music box, possibly the same (It's inside a wooden box).

Wintergatan - Starmachine 2000

Besides from that I got a couple of cd's containing this:


I like the kind of music made by those two bands.

Anyway, I celebrated yesterday (on my birthday, remember?) by inviting some friends over, in order to watch some movies. These are the ones we watched:

A Clockwork Orange

Tucker and Dale Versus Evil

Those were both interesting and sometimes funny movies, but I don't feel like writing reviews on them right now...

As you might notice, I'm not writing any deep thoughts or something like that right now. That is also a reason for why I mostly write during night; I am more active, more capable of thinking, more creative and over all, better at doing stuff past 12 o'clock.

I felt myself obliged to drink a bit of alcohol yesterday, since it was now leagal for me. I did of course not feel like visiting a bar in order to drink (+ I'm lazy), but I drank a bit with my friends. Since I'm a very small man, I didn't drink in plentiful amounts, but at least I know that about 5-6 dl of 5% alcohol doesn't seem to have any effect on me whatsoever.

I also drank a little lemon liqueur (30 %). It had kind of a sweet taste, which I found fitting. Although my father is a dentist I have a sweet tooth inexpugnable by most.

So. Since it seems like I have nothing interesting at all to write about right now (thus all the links), I'm going to end this entry by posting a drawing I made not long ago.

I'm not really fond of this one, and it failed miserably, but It's okay. That thing in the middle is supposed to be a tumbleweed.


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