Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chords, Harmonies and Melodies (Short)

Why hi!

You haven't been able to see me (well, read me) for a while, once again (...).

I have been too busy for my own mental health. Actually most of what I've been doing hasn't been so bad, but some of it has. During Easter I went slalom skiing with my family and friends. That was quite fun. We stayed in a cabin (not really in the woods though, which is a surprisingly good movie). We spent the days skiing down a hill, and the evenings relaxing and watching semi-good horror movies. Have you noticed how horror movies and comedies are never as broadly appreciated as action or drama movies? I guess this simply has to do with too differing tastes. some people seem to have no humor at all...

Apart from that, we are having a test week at our school. To be honest, I seldom practise much at all at my tests, and I still manage pretty well. However, I just randomly seem to have such subjects this period (no, not that kind of a period, you naughty moron) that actually require me reading on beforehand. This has stolen too many hours of my time...

I'm not intending to share everything I've been through during my absence, so don't worry.

I should go to bed soon since I have a professional performance (playing the piano) early tomorrow morning.

Speaking of pianos, I have regretfully not made any worthwhile compositions these past two weeks. What I did do, however, is remake a very old song (not my own). A couple of days ago I felt bored, so I thought, why not completely change an old song and make it sound like an opposite, dark version.

Naturally, I kept the old melody, but I made large changes to the harmony and to the general atmosphere of the composition. The song originally used major chords, which I of course switched with other, minor chords (+ some diminished triads and major 7s). This makes the song entrírely different (which I'll show you if you hang on for a moment).

At first I only changed the chords, but today I added more instruments and did some tweaks. Since I didn't have much time at my disposal I only made a sloppy, fast and short version (the drums are played especially bad) of this changed song ('tis a shame but that's the case).

What I'd like you to do is guess which song this is a cover of. First you get to listen to the song, preferably using headphones for full effect. Don't think of the song in general, but try to capture the still, somewhat recognizable melody.

Now, I realize that the timpani drums overrule some other aspects of the song, but that cannot be helped. Sadly, my synth doesn't have many instruments with a bass-like (not the fish) feeling.

Pro tip: try listening to the choir track, since it's in charge of the melody. Ignore the background music, and imagine the same melody in a different light. Do you recollect it? Maybe something nostalgic from you childhood?

Anyway, here it is:

Black Holes Never Twinkle (

(Naturally, I've re-named it).

As you can notice, the drums could have been played better, and the instruments could be more balanced. As I said, I didn't have much time, so I poorly put this one together. I think I'll make a longer version sometime, when I have time.

I would be pleased if you guessed which song my version derives from, and posted your answer in the comments. You can also ask me if you just can't figure it out.

This is one of the fun things you can do with all existing songs. Just change some chords, without touching the melody, and it sounds completely different. Many times people can't even notice that the song isn't yours, even if they would recognize the original at any time.

Btw, before I go, did you notice the heartbeats spanning through the entire song? If not, try listening to it again carefully (with headphones!).


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