Sunday, June 30, 2013


Oh God...

One entire Month of my vacation has already passed, and this is only my fourth post since the start of it O.o...

Well, I guess that I've been busy and all, but I've had so much planned for this summer, yet I've accomplished so little of it. But, as much as I would love to, I'm not here to whine and complain about my actually pretty enjoyable summer vacation. Thus, I'll try to actually stick to the subject...

I can tell that this isn't going to be one of those long (well, my long) and deep entries, so if you don't feel like reading a lot right now, you can relish that fact. As you can see, the title for this post is "Moving". If I would feel like writing something deep and intriguing, I can picture myself writing about "moving on" or something like that. However, that is not the case this time -_-
It just so happens that once again, I have moved from a house to another.

It's not like I'd have moved to another town or anything of such nature, just a bit closer to the centre of the city (more like to the center of the city, actually...).

I've actually moved quite an amount of times before. If I recall correctly, I've changed locations for a longer time period 6-7 times, depending on if you count a temporary place where we spent a few months or so waiting for another place to finish being built. 

But a thing that you have to bring to the equation though, is that my mom and dad don't live together, meaning that at any given time I will have two places to potentially move from (yeah, I'm still living with my parents, and I don't really have any good reasons to quit doing so in quite some time yet)... When I do though, does that mean that I'll move two times at once? Since I'll stop living in (aka. sleeping in, in this instance) two places at the same time? I guess not... After all, I'll just move to one new place...

Aside from that sidenote (bad wordplay, I'm tired you see)... This time, it was my dad that moved to a new place. I hadn't thought about it earlier, but funny thing is that the place we just moved from is the place where I had lived for the longest amount of time! Well, technically I only stayed there every second week, but I think my claim still holds (stands? I don't really care about phrasing it right right now...).

What surprised me is how small a thing I perceived the moving as... almost... casual.

I've known about it for a long time of course, but it still came so suddenly (It sounds like I'm describing the death of a cancer patient, doesn't it?). One week, we just moved, and that was that. I didn't really have any positive or negative feelings surrounding it. It just happened. The place I moved from was nice, and the place I moved to is nice. Of course, the distance to some places will be longer now, and shorter to others.

For instance, it'll now only take two minutes or so to walk between my mom and my dad, and the distance to school (whenever it comes back to haunt me) is a lot shorter as well. But the distances to some of my friends are longer... Shouldn't matter for too long though... I should get my drivers license before the start of school so...

Anyway, I could talk about how we moved different stuff and how the new house is and such things, but I'll show you some pictures instead since the other option sounds kinda boring to me...

Well, I can't say I did a good job of optimizing this picture, but I cropped it a bit so that it doesn't look completely horrible. The lighting when taking this picture with my phone should have been done so much better though...

It's not my best drawing... Something I made in school at art class (don't get me wrong, I'm not good at drawing, but even I can see the flaws in this one... Not that I tried making it realistic or anything... You can tell that I'm tired by that I'm speaking like this btw... I don't even know why I'm tired... Meh...)

This drawing was made quite some time ago. We were supposed to photograph someplace in Vasa, that we didn't think looked good, and change it into something nicer. Well, here's the picture that I changed.

Well, you can still kinda see that It's the same place. The thing is though... This just so happens to be the very same place that I moved into a couple of days ago... It can be funny how things unfold sometimes.

This is taken from a different angle, but the house is pretty much complete now.

So yeah, It looks much better than in the picture above the above picture.

Another funny thing... You know my name is Alexander right? Well, guess what the name of the street that the house is located on is... It's Alexander's Alley... So after some years I can go convincing everyone that the "alley" (it doesn't really look like your typical alleyway but...) is named after me. I could say that like... There was a lottery among the people that moved into the newly built building (it takes up the entire alley, so...). The point of the lottery was naturally to see whom to name the alley after. And I could simply say that I happened to win. And believe me (I've got experience), quite many people would believe me, or at least be unsure of whether I'm telling the truth or not.

Well, this post isn't really going anywhere, So I'll show a couple (double it) more pictures and end it there.

Here are two pictures from how it looked in my (old) room some days ago...

I don't think that you necessarily have any real interest of seeing these pictures, but I find pictures pleasing to watch. If nothing else, see them as a short, pleasant brake from reading my tired writings.

Now: Two pictures from my (new) room!
I've actually made some improvements since taking the photos, but oh well.

Yupp. These are quite fascinating pictures of the habitat of a random teenager from Finland. A must see for everyone!

No but seriously... I should stop. 

These pictures can compensate for the lack of music in this post. I've naturally made a few smaller compositions, but nothing complete or long... I think I'll have one or more for next time though :D
(I've got a few weird ideas). I'm also trying to re-learn this: Those Who Fight

Actually I've only got like half a minute left, and I think that I can play it better than ever now! I think that this is the most difficult piece that I actually can play...


Keep on having good times!


  1. Looks like a nice place. I have to say, your old place looked quite spartan :D

    One thing that struck me as odd with this entry is the formatting... Even though I know that I've done it on my blog a couple times, alternating between centered and left-aligned text is never a good idea.

    While it may seem like a good way to balance out the esthetic composition of a text, in reality, it's just distracting, and it pulls the readers attention away from the actual text and meaning.

    1. My old place looked quite messy indeed, but that was of course since I had just placed things, soon to be moved, randomly on the floor :D

      The bed had already been moved, so I had to sleep on a way too small mattress for a couple of nights :/

      You're definitely right about the text, and it's especially evident in this entry in particular. Usually it looks fine to me if there is a picture between the switch, especially changing from left-aligned to centre, provided that the text has something to do with the picture (kinda like a caption). But looking back at it, not only once, but at several spots does it look horribly distracting in this post XD

      Thanks for the tip!

  2. I have never moved myself but to me it sound exhausting and... odd. To have to familiarize with everything again and again. However you were quite lucky;D I like your new apartment and that balcony..... dat balcony XD Anyways I'm sure you'll like it there, but as it is getting quite late I'm not going to spend to much time writing an awesome comment.
    Enjoy your new bal.... Apartment and don't break anything......expensive;)

    1. Like the balcony you mean ;)? (The return of the bad wordplay...)

      Yeah, that balcony is awesome indeed!

      I just hope that no one falls down from it...