Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hello world!

Welcome to my very first blog post!

Except that's a lie...
Which could be an interesting subject; lying.

I mean, everybody lies, right?
Not always, but every now and then.

The reasons might be various, but from time to time, everyone lies, whether consciously or not. Well, some people don't count it as lying if one thinks oneself to be telling the truth, when actually saying something that is untrue.

An online definition of Lying: "a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood".

The definitions are many, but pretty much every person grasps the concept of lying anyway.

Now, why do people lie? When was the last time you lied yourself?

I don't lie that often actually. Every once in a while I throw in small lies to save my ass from trouble, or actually, I quite often find myself telling short lies only to avoid telling long boring stories about something unimportant. I actually can't come up with any examples off the top of my head, but you might be able to realte.

Many lies can arise due to secrecy. Trying to keep a secret of your own, or why not someone else's secret, can often lead to lying, or so I find.

I don't really have that many secrets myself, since I don't really see the point of that, but naturally, there are a few things I concider private, and I feel that it often can be justified to lie if that's seemingly the only way to keep what's private private. This is especially true if something is not only concerning me.

Just like you'd handle your friends' toys with care, so should you do with information that is supposed to be kept between you and them.

Anyway, I intended to go thorugh a few different ways to lie, like only bending the truth for example, but out of curiosity I checked google, and I already found a wikihow on this that is written far better than i could do.

I kinda like the saying that goes "a liar needs a good memory", since it is often true. Either that or everyone else's memory needs to be bad...

It's kinda funny how the most social people are often the ones that are best at lying. Or rather, the people with high empathy levels are usually better at lying than people that don't really understand other people. Unless of course, we're talking about a sociopath. They might be good at lying, on a logical level. Another thing is that sociopaths don't tend to feel like they have done something morally wrong after deceiving, which I guess makes it easier. Still, I think they can sometimes overlook important things when trying to lie, since they don't really understand the people they are lying to. Still, don't take my word for this. I have neither first nor second hand experience of lying sociopaths. I just imagine the way they could be, based on books and movies intended for entertainment, general psychology and logic.

I concider myself quite skilled at the art of lying, since I have almost never been proven wrong, but I believe most people are at least somewhat good at lying if they only put their mind into it. Are you good at lying?

But as I said, I don't really lie that often, depending on what you're prepared to count as a lie. This is since I'm not really afraid of showing different sides myself to others, to a large extent at least. But I seldom find white lies ethically wrong, even if they only benefit you, provided that the lies cause no harm to others.

Not all lies are games of deception.
I'm sure you've often heard exaggerated stories told by your friends. Sometimes they can be almost entirely made up for the sake of humor, or something else that is entertaining. I guess good liars are great storytellers.

There is actually a type of lying that I almost despice though, since it tends to make people stupid(er).

That is lying to yourself. (It's not always that bad. Sometimes people unknowingly hide memories of lets say traumatizing events that have happened to them, in order to keep themselves sane. What I mean is people who tend to lie to themselves for seemingly no reason).

I don't really get why some people seem not to be honest even to themselves... I mean, I get why you would want to deceive others, but why deceive yourself?

Actually, I do get that, I simply try not to do it myself.

There are two major reasons, I'd say, that are responsible for why people might sometimes lie to themselves. The first one is not being open to oneself, or ones flaws, in order to maintain a more positive self-image. I don't really do this anymore, but in my younger years, I often caught myself doing this. Sometimes it included making up excuses to justify ones actions.
The other reason is that facing the truth often leads to responsibility, and a search for a solution. I for one often try to search for a solution before the real problem even emerges, but that's not always possible. In that case I often try to solve problems instead of ignoring them. This is because I hate stress. I hate feeling like there is something that I should do, something that I really shouldn't ignore. And since I don't like that feeling, I get motivated to go through though times to avoid even rougher ones later. Sometimes I find myself doing the opposite though... How about you? It can be diffcult to do "the right thing" (if such a thing exists) sometimes, can it not?

Ultimately, there are quite many situations where (when?) lies might come in handy. But you should really know when NOT to lie. Not because lying would be ethically or morally wrong or anything, but because sometimes it just doesn't pay off. There would be much fewer trust issues if people wouldn't find it so difficult to tell the truth somethimes.

Mind telling me, Do you have any funny stories that include lying?

Anyway, I don't know if anyone of you really care, but I do, so I'm sorry for not writing in 10 DAYS, even if it's summer.

But, I've actually been in a cabin/villa (whatever you call them where you live, they are quite unusual outside of Scandinavia, or so I've heard) with some of my friends for about five days, so...

I actually intended to make a post before I went on my mini-vacation from everything stress related, but that didn't end up happening.

I did however prepare a song to post more than a week ago, so you'll get to listen to it after a short introduction (I'm sure you're sooo exited =P).

When I make an orchestration of a song that I've made, or even if I make it from scratch, I usually end up just throwing a few instruments that are somewhat randomly played together. It might sound good and all, but at least I can hear that doing things this way often results in a lack of structure.

So for once I actually tried organizing a short composition, giving the intruments certain melodies, rythms and volume levels. It's nothing John Williamsy or Hans Zimmery, but I find the end result relaxing to listen to. I'd be glad to hear what you think!


I think that will be all for tonights post. I intended to write it better, but the train of thought that inspired me to write this entry has disappeard to who knows where. This scripture might have turned out readable anyway, I'm just saying I meant to write it differently.

Have a good whatever!

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