Monday, July 8, 2013


Well, I don't really have any clever remarks about the subject. I just happen to be quite sentimental myself, especially when I'm in certain moods. In my eyes, feeling sentimental is pretty close to feeling nostalgic, but in a more emotional, and almost longing way...

You see, I've recently moved, as you might know if you've read my previous post. The day we moved we had not yet taken with us all the stuff from our old house, since we're not really in a hurry. Actually, there are still a few things left at our old place at this very moment. However, my room is now, if I recall correctly, completely emptied.

The thing is, the last thing I was supposed to do in my old room was to go through some of my cabinets and see what I was prepared to throw away and what I wanted to bring with me to our new place. This happenes pretty much every time I try to go through my closets, but I found some stuff that has probably just been lying there for approximately nine years, largely untouched by anyone.

A lot of the stuff that I found was trivial in most senses. Old toys that I never play with anymore (surprise surprise), things that aren't really useful for anything at all. Still, most of the things that I found were of such nature that I refused to simply throw them away. In a way, I feel a bit like a hoarder, but to a very small degree. Even if much of the stuff that I found didn't fill any real purpose anymore, they still meant something for me, since they will forever contain links to my memories.

Even stuff like old doodles that I made long ago had someway ended up in the depths of my room, only to be refound by me only a few days ago. Naturally, I could let some of them go, to be forever forgotten by me, but I kept most of even that stuff, no matter how pettifogging they really were. If I could link what I had drawn to something else, like for example what lesson in school I had drawn the pictures in, or what had been going on around me at the time, I would have a hard time just throwing those pieces of paper away; at the same time I would leave the memories linked to those papers behind for eternity, never to be recalled again.

I know that it wouldn't really affect my life much to just throw all that stuff away, I'd probably just forget about it anyway, and even if I get to keep those small memories, what can I really use them for? I don't know, I just felt very sentimental about all old things that I found. I remebered how I used to use some of the stuff on a daily basis, even though I now hadn't even laid eyes upon them in years.

The same feeling of sentimentality is there for the entire house as well. I took closer to one hundred pictures of the inside of the house, in order to not forget what it looked like, even if that will never be of any real use. I'm not sure whether you can relate, but I have a hard time letting thigs linked to memories disappear. I actually remember a lot of stuff; in a way, objects work like materializations of memories, I guess.

You know how old people often can seem lost in the past when they look at old pictures? The whole thing is quite similar to that. I mean, I'm sure that even you can get a bit nostlgic over objects or images linking to memories or even feelings. Otherwise, you are missing out on something that I hold important. In general, people easily get nostalgic over music that they used to hear long ago, and I know that that is from time to time true for me as well.

Just remember to embrace your memories, so that they don't vanish without a good reason.

I could probably write much more on the subject, but I doubt that'd be all that interesting, besides, it's getting late.

Thus, I'll go over to the music section of this entry.

I've had a few ideas for songs lately, but nothing that I really felt I should put a lot of effort to, but I still managed to concoct something slightly interesting.

The orignal idea was to use a strerotypical, well, base pattern I guess, but combine it with a type of melody seldomly used together with that kind of left hand movement. I'd say that it worked at first, but after half a minute of listening material, I grew bored of that one pattern, so I switched to another one. All in all, there are some rhytmical and melodical changes in this composition. This is mostly because I just somewhat randomly threw in the last minute of music today. I'm sorry if the song sounds weird because of this, but hey! At least it shouldn't be too repetitive.

Because of the sound and the few changes is the song, I gave it a weird name as well.


Well, that should be all for now.

Have a goodnight, and goodbye until you return to read one of my future entries.

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