Thursday, May 30, 2013


Here I thought I had invented yet another word, until I realized that there are people hidden in the depths of this electronical happy land that seemingly actually believe that "shallowness" is spelled "shallowity".

Hi, btw.

Since I'm sure that you didn't already notice (slight sarcasm, since I'm certain you didn't realize that either), I am to inform you that I have made two major changes to the layout of my blog. I added a title picture, and changed the background picture into something that actually wasn't just a blogger template.

I already know that many of you will hate that fact from the core of your beings, since there are quite a few people that can't stand the strong contrast between black and bright colors. Also you might argue that the pictures kinda melt into eachother, and that something just feels off, but I'm sure you'll get used to it. People always seem to adapt...

It's funny how so many people seem to hate change at first, but after a while the same people would refuse to revert to their previous conditions. Then again, some people want nothing but change  (no pun intended)...

NO! This post was supposed to be shallow; I'll try not to get off track again only to speak of society and such things...

Anyhow, I for one like those kinds of dark backgrouds with symmetrical light-formations on the top layer.

That's why I fell in love with one quite awesome website that one of my friends showed me.

You'd have to be pretty unskilled to not be able to make anything that looks artistic using it. The online program (app) uses wonderful mathematics combined with beautiful symmetry so that everyone can create unique pictures in matters of seconds without even needing to have a conscious thought!

Here is a larger version (if you click on it) of my new title picture:

Made in about five minutes using only my mouse pad...

I must say that I love symmetry... But humans are kind of programed to do so. Ever heard of the golden ratio? Google will actually lend you a virtual calculator if you google it.

Hghuööhh.... I hate how blogger want's such a low size (300kb) as a max for a picture in the background of ones blog. That's why I settled for a few vertical light "beams" (not really though, since the shape is different, but I'm unsure of what to call them). I even had to change the format from PNG to JPEG so that the picture would fit.

Speaking of fitting, It was a hell of a job to get the pictures to fit somewhat okay, especially since my internet doesn't work that well at the moment, but oh well. There is not much capable of making me gloomy this close to my summer vacation =)

One thing that is sad with Weavesilk (the website I used to create the classy pictures), is that it's not all too easy to make art that actually symbolises something (which is one reason as to why this entry is named shallowity, another being that I wanted it to feel a bit more like my earlier entries), but it's not impossible. I also happend to cross paths with quite nice references made using weavesilk (click). Since the application uses mathemathic formula it's possible to calculate the outcome of what you're doing. If you haven't yet, you should really try weavesilk out! I've already spent around an hour with it.

So anyway, I've made pretty many mediocre and short musical pieces lately, but nothing that new or impressive. Thus, I shall once again link you to an improvisation that I've made in the past (maybe half a year ago?).

It's actually a cover improvisation, on the song "Walking in the Air". It's full of mistakes, and random stuff, but since it's long and still sounds quite good and relaxing I sometimes listen to it while writing...

On a side note, I've altogether reached more than a thousand reads on this blog as of now.

Here are some milestones:

I noticed that I had suddenly reached 999 pageviews, so I decided that I wanted to be the thousandth viewer myself, because that's why!

Worth to take into consideration is that probably around 100 of those thousand pageviews are my own, and that around 100 views were linked from a weird website called, which is apparently a weird pornsite... I can't comprehend why it links to my blog, but oh well...

When i took this screen capture, was already responsible for 73 of my pageviews, and I noticed a sudden increase in viewers from countries that wouldn't otherwise find my blog. Apparently topblogstories is more popular in countries such as Greece and Estonia...

So yeah...

That should be about it for now (although I'm sure I forgot to mention something...). I'll make a better blog post when I have time and feel like doing some actual writing.

Until then, take care!


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    1. Thank you for reading and for commenting! It feels good to receive feedback of any sort =)

  2. Not a big deal, but Im pretty sure you meant to write that these "beams of light" are horizontal, not vertical! :D

    1. So indeed I did! But I won't change that now, since it would in a way transform these comments into superfluities XD