Saturday, May 11, 2013

Seeing Time Through Goggles

Ꭾoob wʜɒƚɘvɘɿ ɘvɘɿyonɘ! Onɔɘ ɒǫɒin ƚʜɘ ƚimɘ ʜɒƨ ɔomɘ; ƚʜɘ ƚimɘ ʇoɿ mɘ ƚo wɿiƚɘ on ƚʜiƨ dloǫ oʇ minɘ, ɒnb ʇoɿ you ƚo ɿɘɒb wʜɒƚɘvɘɿ iƚ iƨ ƚʜɒƚ I ʜɒvɘ wɿiƚƚɘn.

(If you just skipped the above text, I'm here to inform you that it is quite easily readable. notice that Ꭾ = G, ɒ = a, ɿ = r, ǫ = g. The rest is simply mirrored text).

(Try to ignore the title btw...)

I would like to write something interesting concerning psychology today, but since I yet again feel the lack of time creeping upon me, I think that I'll save that for another time.

During my summer vacation I promise to give you some better reading, but for now I'll keep my blog like it is; a mixture of anything conceivable.

Holy shit I'm listening to cool "Irish/celtic" music right now: Fear no Darkness. The guy who made this is a genius. You can listen to a playlist of pretty much every published song of his here.

Ehem, away from that side-note.
Now I'll force you to watch a series of most intriguing pictures.

I found some cool stuff when I was at my Grandparents' place yesterday. Among these were a pair of glasses. Goggles, to be more precise.

(There will be lots of pictures to lay your eyes upon in this entry).

These are actually wery old goggles, used for a specific purpose. They have once been part of a gas mask.

Here's a picture to give you a helping hand in figuring out how big the goggles are.

As you can see, the goggles don't fit, at least me, without the mask.

What is cool about these goggles is how they affect the light, or whatever is seen through them.

They are much more effective than say, a pair of goggles used when slalom skiing.
All colors are turned either into some tone of red, or become entirely unseparable from black.

I especially like that last picture. I like how all strong light looks through the goggles.

Sadly, these pictures do no justice to the feeling of actually wearing the goggles. Some details are really "lit up" and easier to see when wearing the old goggles, while other details almost wither into nothingness... Higligths and such things are wery easy to see whilst wearing the goggles. However, I'm not certain of what the goggles' function is supposed to be. any ideas?

Anyway, about some details disappearing, here are some examples.

Just a picture of a paper with some black text written on it?

Not really.

That text was written on the paper all along. Note how it was written using a red pen.

Since everything white is turned red, and everything red remains red, the text dissapears. (or becomes less visible, depending on how close the color of the text is to the color of the goggles).

Here's another picture showing the same thing.

This is of course, the same paper, only this time only half of it is seen through the glass.

Yet another cool thing is that this also works perfectly well when photographed in black & white. (Naturally, since the light isn't affected in any way, just the picture).

So there. That was all the pictures that I had of the goggles. I realize that some of you probably already got bored with the goggles, but I (for some strange reason) like to take pictures of the same thing many times from different angles and other minor changes being apllied.

Now that you maybe have finished listening to Adrian von Ziegler (if you ever did begin), you might have the time to listen to something that I made (not even comparable, but still).

I've had a lot to do lately, but that doesn't take too much out on my piano playing, so I have still managed to create something. actually quite a lot...

However, Instead of posting a composition, this time I will ask of you to listen to (at least a little bit of) an improvisation that I made, based on one of my song ideas.

The Song was so simple, that I didn't really feel like making it into a finished piece, at least not yet.

So I made a long improvisation based on it, that you can listen to here ( 

As you can notice, It is 17 minutes long (I often improvise even longer), so I don't expect you to listen to all of it, as it is also pretty repetitive.

The Improvisation is also full of mistakes, since only the base is planned on beforehand, nothing else (+ because I often try to play more difficult things than are in my range of capability).

Some of you might notice that it sounds similar to something else, at least I do. Probably something from FF7 or something...

Now, back to more interesting pictures! (as I said, this entry will be [and is] very picture rich).

I promise, the following picture has a point.

The picture is of me, in three different stages of life.

To the left I'm 11-13ish (at the time when I still played football [soccer, for all you Americans]).

In the middle I'm 15-16.

And finally, to the right I am yesterday, that is to say 18 years of age. (I often get comments about looking younger though).

Now why would I show you those pictures?

The truth is, I lied to you slightly.

One of those pictures isn't me...

This would be a perfect segway leading into a discussion of genes, but I don't feel like discussing biology right now...

That picture in the middle is actually a picture of my father, taken when he was young.
I know that there are some pictures where we look even more alike, but I couldn't find them (there are millions of pictures of both of us), oh well.

This somehow reminds me of a song...

 I just though it was cool how much he looked like me (or actually, how much I look like he used to look like). People have always said that I look a lot like my father, and I guess that the pictures are proof...

Actually it's not just our appearance that is similar, but we also move, and to some extent talk similarly (and we often think alike as well). The question is whether this has more to do with biology or psychology... 

Anyway, I just felt like sharing that, since the whole thing is almost creepy (at least to me).

Wow... Except for the pictures and the music this has to be my most boring blog so far (unless you know me well)...

I apologize, but as I said: When summer arrieves here, I'll try to write better and about more interesting things.

Yup. I think that's it.

Oh no! Wait!

I forgot to mention one thing. A new Swedish band Called Wintergatan just released their first album, which I found to be really cool. I suggest you go check them out.

Unbelivable... I finished an entry before 10 in the evening... Maybe I'm getting sick.

'Til next time.

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