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A Medieval Clay Snakes Expression Showing Its Mood While Discussing (I Think That Nobody Understands My Titles)


(Read only every second letter, starting with the first s).

That is how I intend to start this entry off. Greetings btw!

Since I didn't post any music piece last time I wrote, I'll begin by putting one here.

Medieval Adventure (

This one turned out to be kind of weird actually, but it made sense to me when I made it somehow...

I first decided to try composing something with a medieval theme, but that went as it did. I guess it sounds kind of medieval... Maybe... If you have a good imagination.

After 0:50 in the song it almost (at least to me) sounds like some kind of a russian nationalistic classical composition. Paruski, Paruski! (no, I'm not drunk)... At 1:30 it almost turns normal though...

Funny thing is, this whole song only uses three instruments, but It almost sound like it uses more.

What did you think of the composition? Should I actually try making it into something more serious a project than what I threw together today?


Have you ever been involved in an intense discussion with a friend? (obviously a rhetorical question, unless you are a very sad person).

Have you ever felt like your partner in conversing has been on kind of the same mental wavelength as you?

Well, you most probably have.

There's actually a name for this kinda thing, It's called rapport. Rapport is a word quite similar in meaning to connection or bond. I often reach this stage in one on one discussions with my friends, mostly during nighttime.

The cool thing about reaching rapport with someone is that you feel and think pretty much exactly alike that other person for that moment (which can be quite lengthy). Both people's moods are the same, and they give room for eachother; let's say you're in a discussion and you have something you wish to say, while in rapport you can easily manage to wait for your turn to speak while actually really listening to that other person and understanding and processing what he/she says. And this all happens automatically.

Another fun phenomenon is that of time dissortion which also usually takes place during rapport. Everyone knows that usually when one is bored, time seems to pass by kinda slowly. If you however, are having a wonderful time, you know that the flow of time seem kinda fast.

When in rapport however, at least to me it seems like time goes even faster than so. It's not unusual that I saty awake for pretty much the entire night just talking, and besides, while in rapport one doesn't tend to get tired.

Basically, you mirror the person you're talking with and vice versa. It's not unusual to mirror the body position of the person, or walking in the same pace either. I'm sure you must have experienced rapport sometime?

Now, how can this information be used for good? (and for bad, if you really feel the need to).

Almost everyone is capable of semi-faking rapport, to some extent. If for example, someone you know is feeling bad, there is a quite simple (yet, often effective) way of cheering them up.

There are of course many ways to do this, but one of them goes like this:

You begin by copying the way they are positioned. Thereafter you need to put yourself kind of in the same mood as them (let's say sad, for instance). The tricky part is that you actually have to feel kind of sad, since the unconscious mind is quite good at interpreting body language.

Naturally you must speak with the person you're trying to cheer up. When you think that you've reached rapport (at least an early stage), all you have to do is to slowly, try to cheer up yourself.

You see, when in rapport, one unconsciously follows the lead of the one "sharing ones wavelength". This is to say, you can mentally force someone to become happier (because of the way we're hardwired).

This works surprisingly well, but naturally, you can't always turn the saddest person alive to the happiest in a mere moment.

I am luckily, not mentally disturbed and antisocial enough to always have this is mind and analyzing situations when speaking to people. Everyone already makes use of this automatically, but it's possible to enhance the potential of rapport.

It's also possible to reach rapport with people that you don't know well. You don't even have to be positive to gain rapport with someone, it's a neutral bond from the beginning, capable of turning good or bad:

Rapport is also used when provoking someone. One of the easiest ways to make someone pissed is to beacome angry oneself (Humans tend to be quite social creatures, even yawns and smiles are contagious).

So there was a kind of siecntific and terminological explanation of a simple and yet, naturally occuring psychological phenomenon (you got me, I do indeed like to make sentences that could be so much more simple, so much more complicated and superfluous).

By the way, I noticed that I forgot to mention one thing of significance that might cause confusion, in my previous post.

I said that through hypnosis it is possible to reach memories hidden from the conscious mind.

That is still very true, and there are examples of crimes being solved this way (I looked it up).

However, as already known from beforehand, the human mamory is often quite faulty, and it can sometimes be even when hypnotized as well.

That is to say, a memory that is actually pretty much entirely erased from ones brain, is of course not even possible to bring to the surface via trance. And if this is the case, our brains have a little trick that they are fond of using, a.k.a. false memories.

If a memory is not reachable even through hypnosis, it's somewhat likely that the brain will invent one to replace it. This does however, not always happen. Sometimes one just can't remember.

A cool thing that is actually possible is the super memory still. It's not that rare that one when in trance, can word for word read out a page from a book one has read, presumed that the page is still located somewhere deep in one's brain.

Yet, the lack of pain must be the phenomenon that is the most useful that can be induced using hypnosis. according to my psychology book (the one used in school), every tenth person can actually undergo any surgery with hypnosis as the only anesthetic (almost everyone can manage through a visit to the dentist whilst in trance).

I think that will be all for today, apart from some pictures.

Don't you dare click the above picture!

I made this cute little thing during art class in school, quite a while ago. I figured, since I'm not good at sculpting, I should just make something that is not supposed to look pretty. So I made something similar to what I usually doodle during my other lessons.

Another picture:

I still havn't given up on practicing on facial expressions (and a little bit of shading for the matter).

Since I reminisced a perfect expression to copy, I kinda did.
The picture is so small only so you won't see all the flaws as easily. I still didn't quite capture the expression from the reference picture, but I only used my eyes for measuring the proportions and angles. I then realized that my eyes and my brain weren't that good at measuring proportions and angles. fuck.
The mouth is way too low (as well as the jaw) and the face is slightly too broad. The angles are also very fucked up.

Many of you probably already know this, but some of you mightn't: An easy way to spot all ones flaws in a drawing is to place it in front of a mirror. Since your head has gotten used to the mistakes while you have been drawing, it kinda doesn't give them as much recognition later. You could also just refrain from looking at the picture for a few weeks and then try to look again. The mirror-technique is much faster though...

Another during-class creation that I'm "proud" of. I call it: The Eraser Snake!
(What has this entry turned into? sigh..)

That last picture is my cue to stop writing.


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