Friday, January 30, 2015

Procrastination is my Pro Nation

January of the year 2015. Ever since I got to know that I did not have to spend more than half a year in the army, I knew that this would be a time during which I would do next to nothing. That said, I don't think that even I expected this amount of laziness! I shouldn't be too surprised though, as I am after all, a Bon Viveur.

I've spent most of my days playing the piano, spending time on my computer, and watching movies. Of course, I've done some cool things with my friends as well. Example: This sunday we're going on a cruise!

One thing came up a couple of weeks ago though. I've decided not to really work during my free time (it wouldn't be free then would it?), at least not for quite a while. That said, there's a thing that happened. As most of you may know, I am a pianist. Well, turns out that the pianist of an orchestra (big band format) consisting of currently 28 people or so, had to stop playing for personal reasons. The conductor of the orchestra called my piano teacher asking if he knows anyone who could replace her. So, as he knew I had recently returned from the army and was currently doing nothing, he suggested me :/
Thus, I joined the "Groove Unit" (if I recall the name correctly). Luckily, I'm not the only pianist they have, as they actually managed to get another one to join too. Even more luckily, he's more skilled than me when it comes to reading sheet music, playing solos and such. This allows me to focus more on background stuff, and to not have to be all that worried about my errors (I'm really bad at reading music, and I'm too lazy to practice that much at home, as I have more than 10 projects of very different kinds I'm working on, or am planning to work on, myself). Still, I literally received more than 100 sheets of paper containing sheet music... Yay.
I decided to join the group for the reason that it's good practice in several ways; I get to play with other people, and I'm learning in areas I'm usually very lazy in!

Funny thing is, it turns out I actually know three of the people that are in the band. Some of you know them too ;)


I don't really begin my studies before September, if I recall correctly, so I've finally got time for all the projects I've been wanting to do, as I already mentioned!

Here are some things I want to accomplish before I beging studying:

1. Make piano compositions (I've already made a really good one since returning from the army, so this box is pretty much checked XD Check out the piece I made here, you might actually like it: Medley of a Shattered Mind).

2. Make music with Cubase (This box is checked already too! Here is the best song I've ever made using a DAW: The Last Dance. It's not perhaps the kind of music you'd expect me to make; apart from the beginning, it's very electronic. I'd appreciate it if you listened to it, as it's not that long either, and very different from my earlier works. Not only that, but there are actually more than 24 hours of active work put into it).

3. I want to make 1 or 2 new games! I'm just waiting for some sort of competition to start ;)

4. I am planning on playing some games with my sister, and even uploading videos of us doing so :p It's a little cliché, but we'll do it for the fun of it (not to forget the training when it comes to speaking English). We're just waiting 'til we buy a recording device, as well as a Playstation 4.

5. I'm intending on picking up writing in my book again, as it has been so long since I've last written. Funny thing is, I actually really want to write, but whenever I'm inpired, something else comes in the way :( (Mostly, what comes in the way is 6:00 am, at which point I decide it's best to go to sleep if I ever wish to wake up again).

6. I want to take a new shot at writing up my dreams, and acheiving more lucid ones, as there has been a break from that during the army. Sadly, it has mostly gone the other way thus far. That is, I've not had lucid dreams, but I've dreamt more than five dreams in which I'm back in the army. My body really rejects that entire way, so much that it makes a point of it in my dreams -_- That said, at least I've recovered a lot of my dream recollection skills. I've remembered at least a snippet of a dream (mostly much more), ever since I proceeded the writing in my dream journal. That is, ever since January the 6th.

7. I'm rewatching a lot of movies I've seen long ago. I've easily seen more than 1000 separate movies during my life, but I've forgotten huge portions of most of them by now. Thus, I'm trying to remember which movies I've liked, and choosing from among them. Naturally, I'm watching new movies too.

8. There are TONS of tv-series (including Animé), which I need to watch/rewatch/continue. Whoah.

9. Read. There are so much books I need to read. Once I finish reading the 5th book in "A Song of Ice and Fire", I'll probably begin with Zom-B.

10. Apart from making my own piano compositions, I want to learn things that others have made. I also need to practice my pitch hearing (as in recognizing notes and chords just by hearing them), along with a lot of music reading practice, which could even include orchestration and arrangement + production. Yeah...

11. I'd love it if I finally tried getting rid of my very minor lisp, as well as learned how to sing at least somewhat well.

12. It would be cool if I could improve my "horrible artistical skills" to "pretty awful artistical skills".

As soon as I pick this up properly, I intend to use the "Don't Break the Chain" method. Simply put, this means you make something, however big or small, every single day, without pause. Ever. It doesn't matter if you only draw a smiley face, as long as you just keep it going. Eventually, one will be sure to see some results.

Speaking of art... I saw a cool picture online and decided I'd try to mimic it. Here are the results:

It's just simple lines drawn on a hand, but it gives it an illusion of looking like the style used in certain comic books, as well as in "The Wolf Among Us".
I however, found another creative use for the lines too...

Well yeah...

And lastly:

13. I need to start writing some slightly more "deep" things in this blog again, as it has been a while since I've been doing that.

I guess I have some minor projects here and there too (like going through my rooms and cleaning them properly, as well as such other interesting endeavours, but that's for another time).

There are a few days of January left still though!
So I'll really make sure to enjoy that cruise ;)

That would surely be all for now!!!

P.S. It really sucks that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to have time with all the projects I just mentioned. I'll just have to pick certain parts from here and there and try to accomplish something at least. Now I'm sad D:


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