Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Oh my, could it be? Yet again, we're here at the end of another year. A very interesting year in many ways, I must say, especially since more than a third of it was spent away from home on my part. Now, I'm finally back, and I have a kickass vacation to look forward to! Actually, I've already enjoyed myself to quite an extent, by procrastinating more than I should (for example, by waiting almost two weeks before writing this entry), even with simple tasks. Oh procrastination, how I love you. I hope I'll never be forced to leave you again; you lazy, do nothing, wonderful you.

What am I back from? The horror that is far darker than hell, which is the Finnish army. Now, you may think that's an unfair comparison. Then again, I couldn't possibly hate a place I don't even believe in nearly as much as the place I've had to take part in, against any will of mine.
Actually, I'm not even interested in talking about the military in Finland anymore at all. I've grown pretty weary of talking about my time spent in the army; all that remains is to put the experience behind me, and get on with my real life. Now, I say real life, because I consider my civil life a completely different thing. Much more... How would you say? Civilized, if you will.

All that matters is that now I'm back in business. The recovery was not as slow as I expected, mostly due to all the stress revolving around Christmas. This brings me to my next subject, actually. Would you look at that segway. Maybe I ought to become a writer after all? I'm kidding of course... Let's go on...

Oh Christmas. This was probably one of the best ones I've experienced in my entire life, if not the best. Anyway. I was in quite a hurry to buy all the gifts this year, not to speak of wrapping them up (God that takes time...). Either way, I managed to get everything done in time, which was a relief.
All the celebrations were a blast (although I regretfully had to take on the role as Santa Claus this year. I was lucky and managed to fool the kids [my cousins] to such an extent that they didn't recognize me at all. One of them even began crying, which I take as a token of success. Yup).
I didn't wish for too many presents this year around, but the ones I wished for, I got. Or at least, I wish that is what I could say XD
I got my extremely expensive headphones and the rare original soundtrack for a game that I wanted. The third thing I wished for though, I sadly didn't receive. Who could've thought it'd be that difficult to get your hands on a decent pair of leather gloves?
Naturally, I'm joking again. I would never wish for leather gloves. OR WOULD I?
Why yes I did, but I'm not actually mad. I'm very grateful for the gifts I got; the greatest of them all simply being to get my life back.


As I said, Christmas was fun, but I'm not going to go into deeper detail. I just want to share with you a present which I prepared for a friend of mine. Behold:

Now, observe that picture. If you look closely, you'll notice the 10€ that are inside of the small plastic box which is filled with odd Christmas-y pearls. Now, on to the next step...

A honeydew, with the insides carved out, in the shape of a small plastic box wich could probably fit some Chrismass-y pearls and perhaps even a 10€ bill inside it. Mysterious... The adventure continues!

What's this? Straws that are cut into tiny pieces and forced into that honeylicious melon? Could it possibly have been done with the intent of reattaching the separated parts?

Why yes, yes it could have. And for those weak of eye or observation, there is written a mysterious text upon the honeydew, consisting of six letters, two words altogether. What on earth could "GOD JUL" mean? Nobody will ever know...

And there we have it, wrapped up in parchment paper and plastic bags, in order to prevent bugs, rot and smell. How nice.
This has been a tutorial on how to waste time and money on creating horribly ludicrous gifts for no real reason at all.

Walking around the city and leaving presents outside of my friends' doors late in the evening was pretty fun though. Especially that part including ringing on the doorbells and running away. Fun times, fun times...

Anyhow, what did you do this Christmas?

What's that? The five movies? Why of course they are all worthwhile watching! What kind of question is that even?

Apart from all the celebrating, slacking around and having dinners with relatives, I actually managed to get one thing done. I redid my Christmas piece and uploaded it onto Newgrounds (spoiler alert). I'm thinking about making this into an annual thing. Maybe next year, I'll have lyrics for the song!!!

Anywho... Here it is; Enjoy:

Christmas Memories

Now then. At this point you've already probably realized that I have not spell checked this entry. Nice.
Let's continue not doing that!!!

New year is coming up. In like one and a half day. Cool.
Usually, one would reflect at the year that has passed, and make some resolutions for the coming year or something.
I'm gonna give myself some free space though. I do NOT wish to look back at the later half of this year, and I don't want to make myself feel obligated to do something; afterall; I'm on vacation, long as it might be. Who knows, maybe I'll try getting some small job or something. But, as I said, no obligations.

I have a lot of personal projects I want to begin/continue working on, and I think I'll start with that. I want to write music, write in this blog, write on my book, make a game or two, watch a lot of animé, other series as well as movies, read, play the piano some more (maybe even improve my sheet music reading skills), spend time with friends and relatives, spend hours upon hours just mindlessly wandering through the internet, take up dreaming more, as well as play video games. A lot of stuff to do, and that's just some of it. Rest assured, I won't get bored, even without a  job. In fact, I'm certain a job would bore me more.

I actually had some interesting subjects in mind regarding this blog. However, let's leave that to the year that is to come, no?

I hope you've had a great year, a great Christmas, and I wish the next year will be even better.


See ya'll bitches next year ;)

//LucidShadowDreamer, 2014 and OUT.

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