Saturday, April 13, 2013

Remembering the Illusion of the Hand Holding the Candy?

There once was a time, when a sentence greeting it's readers existed, in fact, this is the very same sentence that you are reading right now.

So it is time to write again, huh? There is a slight problem. I have tought of many a quite good subject to share my thoughts on with you people, but these thoughts have occurred spanning from weeks to months ago. This is to say: I have no idea what I should write about, since I've forgotten some of my thoughts and some are relevant no more.

Don't you just hate it when you forget something? And even more enervating, when you forget what you have forgotten! This can happen in many different ways, but I don't think I ought to go into much detail about that, since thinking about it really isn't that productive, nor is it that interesting. Besides, I'm sure you've encountered many situations of memory loss yourselves...

Instead of talking about forgetting, let's discuss remembering! (they are closely linked though).

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you try hard to remember something, it can be pretty easy to forget, but when you try to forget something, it's often all too easy to remember?

That's kind of a weird effect, if you ask me. I won't go too much into detail, since I'm (ironically) only paraphrasing from my memory, and I'm way too lazy to actually research further, but feel freee to do it yourself if you want!

Now, human memory is both perfect for fulfilling it's purposes, and at the same time, it just isn't... I'm sure you've heard of these things yourself, but anyway... For the most part, the human brain isn't all too good at remembering details (depending on how you view it of course); it ignores what doesn't seem necessary at the time being. It also has a tendency to add in details of its own, details that aren't even real. This can cause a huge mess at police questionings...

For example, most peoples color memory sucks, unless they consciously try to remember what color something is on beforehand. A quick question, do you remember what color the room next to the one you are in now is? I'm guessing about 50% of the time, you could answer that question correctly, but for the wrong reasons. Houses and such often have a basic color theme, causing you to easily being able to remember it. You will most probably remember things that you have specifically taken notice of. You'll remember things such as the color of your car, the color of your house seen from outside or your bike. But let's look at another example. Do you remember the colors of the letters in the google logo, and in the right order? As I tought, probably not (unless you've payed attention to it before, I know some people have).

If you're too lazy to check, I'll tell you the colors in order: Blue, red, yellow, blue, green and red. Isn't this kind of interesting? Try without looking, to form the google logo in your mind, with the right colors, without looking at it of course. Tell me, how did it go? I know this is easy for some people, but not so much for others.

Now, aside from trying to get the picture printed in your head, how should you proceed in order to memorize the colors? There are many methods you could use, and a very effective one, that I'm sure you already know about, is the association techinque. Humans tend to have separated working memory (processing memory) and long term memory. In order to be able to reminice somtehing for a longer time, It's best to try creating a link between the two mentioned types of memories.

For instance, one could try memorizing the google logo's colors (although this will take farfetched methods). Now, the first three colors are blue red and yellow. Do you remember what's special about these? Well, they are part of the RYB color model (one set of primary colors). As for the order, just think of the name Bryan (not Brian). Why? BRYan; Blue Red Yellow-an.

As for the other three colors, they are also part of another set of primary colors (RGB), I believe they are the very same colors that our eyes use to make colors (if I recall correctly, the same is true for most computers).

As for the total order of colors, try to think of something striking or obscene that will easily stick to your memory, kinda like:

BRYan's Boy Got Raped!

Blue Red Yellow Blue Green Red!

(In case you're tired and don't understand, Each uppercase letter stands for a color, B = blue, R = red etc.)

Easy, no?

So from now on, just think about that when you want to remember the google logo's colors. Farfetched and horrifying in a good combination =)

Quickly! Try not to think of a trash can for ten seconds!

Most people would render that task most difficult. Unless you misread and thought about a harsh man or something...

That is indeed a classic example of your brains memory skills.

I don't really know... This entry sure got messed up. I was distracted by nothing else than my random thoughts and got off track, and I've probably ended up confusing the hell out of you, but oh well.

You see, memory and such is a very interesting phenomenon, and would require eternity to write serioulsy about, even thought I have much more to say about the subject, but hey! I might venture deeper into the realm of the human brain during other posts, since psychology is really interesting to me.

On a sidenote, I recommend you don't go quoting me on what I've written today, since some of the information may be wrong, due to the lacking reserch which only took place inside my own brain's very lacking memory.

Anyway. Here's a picture (kinda illusional) that I drew after seeing a similar one on the interwebs.

Naturally I drew it during school time, and even more naturally, OneSketchist had already long ago made a much better, yet similar one, except he drew a face, by using shading. This resulted in a nice popping-out 3D effect!

Meh, I should really stop writing before I fully bore you (I might already have accomplished that).

But first: A random music piece that I made.

Candid Candy ( (Don't ask me about the name, since I haven't the slightest idea).

I know that at least a few people have liked it (the song, not the name).

Do you?

Anyway. Get lost!


Away with you.

Speaking of memory, don't forget to comment. No? Okay... =(

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