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I should probably have written this post a while ago already, when things were still fresh in my memory, but stuff happened, and I didn't. As soon as I got home from Cyprus, I had a concert ahead of me. That took a few days... After that, I finished a track for a competition. The results are not here yet, but you can listen to the track here:

The Dream of a Robot.

I hope that embedding worked... If not, I'll have to edit this post asap.

But anyway. Once I was done with the piece, and should have had some time, I committed a grave mistake. I started playing Terraria, and ever since, I never stopped playing. I've pretty much played 70 hours in less than two weeks! That's probably because I don't usually play much at this point in my life, but every time I do, I get really involved in the game I'm playing :p
Problem is, this is a pretty huge randomly generated game with a ton of exploring included, so it will take a while. I'll probably slow down with the playing a bit though, as I'm pretty much participating in 4 different music competitions at the same time o.O
Luckily, two are pretty much ending right now, while two are going strong for a long time (if I make it further in the rounds, as they are pretty much Deathmatch competitions).

Either way, now it's time to get into my trip. I won't tell you all what we were doing, but I'll summarize at first, after which I'll post pictures with explanations displayed below them :)


I had tons of fun in Cyprus! To be honest, I spent most of the time just lying on a deckchair by the pool, reading "A Dance with Dragons". The sun was shining almost all the time during the days (only once did it rain during two weeks, and only for approx 15 minutes, and it was so unusual that all the natives were very surprised). Of course, I also swam in the pool, and when I got tired of being so close to the pool, I went a bit further from the pool, in order to play some games of pool with my grandfather (billiards).
But that was only when we stayed by the Hotel. Every day, we also went out in the city of Paphos. We went shopping, exploring, doing the usual tourist stuff, and such. But every single evening, we went out to eat in the local restaurants. Every evening. The food was quite amazing in general. In many places nowadays, in many countries, they simply heat up premade dishes (you'd be surprised). But not in Cyprus. Most everything that is made in the restaurants, is really made there from start to finish. Usually, it didn't take too long for the food to be ready either. Splendid service, more often than not. But after the trip, I had gotten my fill of fries and rice for a while...

There were an insane amount of Brittish tourists in Cyprus, related to some history thing about troops and such.

We also went to the mountains on a long buss tour (whole day), which was nice! We heard a lot about the history and politics of Cyprus, while we saw quite the views. Pictures will be further down!
Other than that, we saw some people that my Grandfather and his wife have known for 30 years.
Also... Them cats. At first, I thought we had accidentally arrived in Egypt or something. But I love it, as I love cats. There were a lot of stray cats in the Canary Islands as well, I recall.

But mostly, I went to Cyprus simply to relax, and to take a break from life. And it was a huge success!!

Luckily, I took like 300 pictures, so I can remember the experience. Then again, I'm pretty sure that 50 or so of the pictures are... Pictures of clouds...
(Speaking of game characters, don't click this link).
[I told you not to click it! If you keep this up, I'm going to cry :( ]
{That's it. Down the spike trap you go.}

No but seriously. A lot of cloud pictures (from the window of the plane). This starts of the picture segment. Enjoy the trip!

Just to give you a kind of reference, here's one of the many cloudscapes. Yup.

Just some pictures of the Hotel we stayed in. Not the highest quality, which is part of the reason I like it! Much more... Cozy :)

A view of the pool (most of it, there's a bit more outside of the frame). At this point, I regret not taking a picture of the pool table, so I could really drain the last drop from the pool joke (get it?).

Also, I found an interesting car. In Finland, I'm pretty sure this one couldn't exist. Which is a bit of a shame, as I like watching interesting registration plates (this is not a real racist ofc, many of the plates in Cyprus begins with a K, which leaves us with quite a lot of KKK's).

Then again, I found this in Finland, which is pretty neat.

Did I tell you that we also went to take one or two drinks in a bar most of the evenings? Now I did. I am not wasted in the picture, I just made a face for the selfie (to clarify).

This pretty much sums up my trip. I have no idea how I managed to take a picture from this angle without the arm showing though.
Why are capes out of fashion? I'd probably wear pretty wacky clothes, if only I wouldn't be ridiculed. Once I get famous, everything I do is okay though, so I'll probably get me some wickedly awesome costume. Oh, and also, I think I might lack shame, but I'm not entirely sure.

Nightly creatures visited us now and then, which is nice :3

I might give the impression that I know a lot about/like cars, but that is actually the opposite of the truth. But I happen to know that the Rolls-Royce was Michael Jackson's favorite car brand. Something that I for some reason remember from our equivalent of elementary school... Useful info has clearly stuck with me from school.

Some palms, some water, and such. One of the days we swam in the ocean. It was pretty cool (hehhe).

Ahh, here you can see Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite's Rock).
During our buss trip, naturally.

Some kind of designed building made by someone. Yup.

Me, at a spot, somewhere, sometime.

We also visited the Turkish side of Cyprus at one point. But 30 minutes was enough of that. Also, here are some cats. It's pretty cool, becuase the cat on the top was actually only half the size of the lower cat. It just isn't very evident from the image, at first.

I took tons of pictures of all the cool mountains. But I'll share only one. This gives a nice sense of depth, with all the trees, even if there's that annoying thing in the lower left corner.

Oh, and I also saw something that looked a bit more ghetto-ish, and decided to take a pic.

Some huge pots from an old Wine-making-thingy-place... (It's past 6 am, okay?)

Some orthodox church things. I don't believe personally, but I can appreciate the aesthetics noneheless.

A scary ghost swing o.O

We also accidentally came across Sir Sean Connery!

Well, not really. But a look alike XD
He's a friend of my Grandfather's. He spoke Finnish insanely well! Hau?

Three pictures filled with swords. Pretty neat, no?

Watching a parade while eating wonderful stifado. Mmm.... Stifado...

Here I am, on the final evening of the trip. Sitting. On a bench. In case you lack eyes. In which case you probably can't read this. Well then.

Some clouds, from the way home, to wrap it all up.
It's a shame, as I have sooooo many more pictures. But I can't show them all. I'm pretty sure that most people stopped reading a while ago already, despite my *cough* hilarious *cough* commentary.

Either way. As it's getting really late, I should probably proof read (poorly), and upload this blogpost.
I hope that the few of you that read this enjoyed the read XD
I porbably forgot to write something that I meant to write (like how much I missed the piano while being on the trip, as there were no pianos in Cyprus, pretty much, and that most people there knew English (including natives), etc. But oh well. What can you do?)

And that, as it has been said from time to time, is that.


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