Monday, June 15, 2015

The Fantastical Journey of Letters

It was quite a while ago that I used one of those. I always used to make them in the early entries of this blog. Combining all the things I'm talking about into a nonsensical title. Good times.
Let's dissect the title in 3, 1, 2 order.

Some of you might remember that a little more than a year ago, I created a game and submitted it for a competition, called Stencyl Jam. That game was titled D-Pression, and actually ended up winning 4th place.

One of the prizes of the competition was a 1 year subscription to Stencyl, meaning I could release games for Windows and Mobile had I wanted to, and apart from that, there would be no watermark, and I'd had a few extra features available to me and such. Well, before that subscription ended, I wanted to make another game.

I have always liked text-based games. One night, right before falling asleep, I had an idea that I found really interesting. Soon after that, I ended up composing some music, and a while after that, I actualized the game.

I then waited for a while, among other things for some competitions to end etc, before uploading the game. But a few days ago, I finally got to upload it. The game has been surprisingly well received so far, with about 7 thousand plays, and 50+ positive reviews. Not only that, but the game was also featured on jayisgames!

If you want to read a bit more about the game, you can do so here.

I'd appreciate if you took a look at the game! click on the image and it will send you to the game ;)

After a while has passed, I'll try uploading the game to some more websites, and see how well it does over at those.

Now then, here is even more self-advertising.

Recently, I have been working together with an amazing musician from Canada, who goes under the name dem0lecule.
We have been collaborating, in order to create a piece for a contest. The challenge was to create game music (menu, boss battle. level, etc.), and the track had to be inspired by something from Newgrounds. After a lot of Skyping and working, we were able to finally upload the 6 minutes long orchestral track that we are both very proud of.
As dem0 is much better than me when it comes to mixing, and has better intruments, the sound quality is way beyond that of my usual stuff.
I hope you'll take the time to check out our track!


For those of you who don't know Finnish, the title translates to "World of Fantasy".

Thank you for listening :)

Now, this is going to be a pretty short post, which I guess is a bit unusual for me, although perhaps not as much lately. The final thing I'm going to mention is that I'm heading off on a 2-week-long vacation! Well, it's not like I work or anything...

But it'll be a nice trip to Cyprus nonetheless!!

That said, I'll be less active online than usually. Expect some cool pictures when I am back though!

Speaking of nice pictures, it's possible to take some in Finland too :)

That is all for this post.

I hope you'll have a wonderful time while I'm gone ;)


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