Sunday, January 19, 2014

Anodder Shorrt Uppdaitt


As ya'll'we been noticing I haven't been blogging much lately.

Apart from laziness, the lack of motivation has it's deepest and truest roots in the fact that I feel too busy. If I really wanted to, I could write blogs much more often. However, I feel like using the limited free time that I have on doing something else, to be honest. After I'm done working my job, and my matriculation exams are over, I hope that I will yet again find inspiration to write more. Then again, a couple of months after that I will be thrown into the amry. Yay. (Maybe I'll finally get into good shape?).

I will try not to turn this into yet another post where I complain only about my lack of time, so if that is what you came here for, read this instead: "Time, Art Thou My Friend or Foe?"

So.... What's up?

Lately, if we try to ignore school and other similar stuff, what have I been doing/thinking? Nothing much in particular, I'd say. I've been doing a little this, a little that, thought some brilliant thoughts you could never have mustered in your brian (yes brian, not brain) yourself, because I'm just sooooo expectacular. Not even my mom calls me special D':

I guess that being called "special", doesn't have to mean that you're special in a good way. Words tend to have a darker side to them. Or a lighter one... If it's already dark... You get the point -_-

You know what would be really cool? To be able to sing really well. Unfortunately, I can't, which sucks. I am too self-conscious to practice much either. I'd have to train extremely much to become even remotely good. Besides; I have this weird, slight lisp, or whatever you want to call it that kind of runs in the family. You can hear it especially well when I try speaking English. I'm planning on training that away, but once again I am a victim of my own laziness.

Enough of that, you don't care. You probably won't care about this either, but I've got some songs to show ya!

For Christmas I got a new computer, like I promised I would get, some entries ago. I also have a new music editing program, which I am quite fond of (Cubase AI 6).

These two I have combined togehter, to make something worth listening to (maybe...)! I am still no professional, and I have no experience of audio editing. But I've tried, and I hope I will learn.
As I said, I don't really have time to make music either, but what can you do if you're addicted?

I will hereby present the first out of three songs. This one is the only serious one, and I actually tried to make it sound at least somewhat okay. I still don't have any grip when it comes to drums, so I will have to practice that at some point...

The songs are available at as well, but since I've begun using newgrounds, which in most cases is a bit more "uploader friendly", I'll only post the links to them. Also, the descriptions seem to be unlimited! (Which you must understand suits me fine... Just fine...).

Here is the first one:

Forest Walk

I know you never do, but if you for some reason feel like it, leave a comment saying what you think ;)

Before 'Forest Walk' I also made two very short songs, experimenting with what the hell I could do and such. They are good for the ones of you with shorter attention spans.

Walking With The Shadows


Distant Thoughts

That's pretty much all for this time around.

Have fun :p

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