Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas and Traditions

So once again it's Christmas. How lovely.

I just finished packaging all the presents I'm gonna give this year.

Do you know one of the best definitions of adulthood? You know it's creeping up on you when you notice you're getting nearer and nearer to the point at which you spend more money than you gain during this joyful holiday.

Want to know a fun fact? Suicide rates are much higher than they normally are during Christmas. Yay.

It's kind of interesting how Christians tend to think they invented the holiday, when it was in fact "stolen" from the paegans. Also they keep speaking about the "true meaning of christmas". It's apparently to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. That's cool and all... But I don't like the concept nearly as much as if the true meaning was to spend time with your family and show your love and appreciation towards other people by giving them gifts. Oh wait....

It's interesting how humans want to stick to tradition. This is an event that keeps on repeting itself every year, still, people never lose interest. Also, the economy gains a lot from this.

I don't know if you can tell, but I certainly know that I am not in the mood for writing a long post. FINALLY!!! Muahahahahahaha, I knew this day (night) would come. (Edit: SUCCESS!!!!)

I have been ridiculously busy, I have a headache, and I'm still going to get less than six hours of sleep this night. Again. Yay.

Not only this, but I will keep on being busy until summer. And the sadistic teachers at our school decided that they should give us a lot of homework over this short vacation. Fuck. I spent several hours doing this today, and I will have to spend pretty much 2 hours on avarage every day if I want to keep up with my job as well. And then there's the matriculation exams coming up... Good times, good times.

Okay, time for the musical section of this post.

From now on I will be posting most songs on two websites. I will keep using Yourlisten.com, but I decided that I should finally sign up on a much cooler website that I've already been checking out for nearly ten years. Yup.

The site is called Newgrounds, and is mainly a website for animation and games, but art and auido finds it's way there too. I mainly decided to get an account there because of its far superior layout, and the fact that several cool musicians roam on the website. S, SP & J are 3 examples.

So, I kinda almost made a Christmas song. Check it out:

Christmas Memories

Nothing all too great, but meh.

And since I signed up on the website I needed a cool icon.

So I made one.

In mspaint...

You might notice three things about it.

1. It's tiny
2. It's a G clef
3. It also consists of two letters!

The one who first can guess what the two letter are, and what they stand for, and writes that down in the form of a comment, wins an onion.

I think I will leave things here.

Merry Christmas (or whatever)!


  1. I really need an onion so....sweet dreams?

  2. Oh, it's such a shame that you don't get to win an onion, it doesn't stand for sweet dreams D:

    You got the letters right though!

    Happy New Year ;)