Thursday, August 22, 2013

Laziness, Boredom & Productivity


Several of my previous entries have been more or less serious and long, so for once I thought I should just chill out and write about nothing relevant in any way.

Lately I've been feeling kinda bored, for no apparent reason. I've also been extremely lazy, even unusually so. Normally, I at least get something done, but for the past week, I've practically laid in bed watching Dexter all my free time, instead of reading for my matriculation exam. Well, there's still plenty of time left until the first round, in my opinion, but it seems like almost everyone around me has already started, which makes me wonder if I'm putting too little serious effort into things like this. To be fair though, I'll at first only be writing English and Finnish, so there isn't that much for me to practice.

I'm pretty sure that I've watched at least three whole seasons of Dexter in the past seven days, to put my not-doing-anythingness into perspective. In average, the episodes are 50 minutes long, and there're 12 episodes every season. Hence, I've spent more than 30 hours just lying in my bed, watching a TV-series, seemingly without anything better to do, in the time of one week. Again, to be fair, I've got plenty of free time, since I don't have that many courses this period (ha-ha). The real reason for why I haven't done much anything, is naturally not that I'm inherently lazy, but because I've been bored, beyond usual measures.

I planned on writing about boredom already almost a week ago (ironically, I was just too lazy to get started, 'til now), but once again, Vsauce managed to do a video about boredom just before me. This is I think the third time he does a video about something I'm planning on covering, just before I get it done. Coincidence? (yes).

(Seriously, I'm not gonna write much about boredom in depth, just watch the video).

There are at least in my opinion, several types of boredom, and different levels of them. And right now, I've got one that has pretty much plagued my mind. I won't categorize various feelings of boredom, and I'm sure the differ slightly for everyone. But the one that haunts me at the moment is one that makes me want to do nothing at all; it practically kills my motivation. I don't really feel motivated to do anything. So the easiest thing to do was to watch Dexter (and some other online stuff) to occupy my mind. Luckily, I've got a master plan.

The plan is: watch all the Dexter episodes available, until you get that empty void inside; something that has filled your life for some time has now vanished (I hope that you know what I mean). Then, fill that void with something useful. Well, now I've watched all the episodes that I can.

What I'm going to do, is to begin reading the Game of Thrones book. I've been meaning to do so for a long time now, but there has always been something else in my way, if not only the barriers of my mind. Also, I think reading the book will be good practice for my matriculation test, in English (I'll of course read the book in its original language). I guess that writing in my blog qualifies as practice as well...

Anyway, I've noticed that between all the Dexter watching I've been doing some very weird stuff. I guess that tedium itself can be a motivator in its own way, even if it might remove ones motivation in other areas. I for one have been creating stuff I haven't made in a long time, and doing other stupid stuff. Among the more normal stuff, I baked something for the first time in quite a while. Also, I managed to get some new ideas for compositions on the piano. That I do usually as well, but this time I tried out several new things, thus breaking my normal composing habits. Still, I tend to try thinking differently in order to be more creative usually as well.

Yeah... But precisely one week ago, I was supposed to get a gift for one of my friends, for her birthday. Now I am probably the worst present buyer ever. Thus, what happened was that I went to the store, and I got this weird feeling of wanting to do something creative and utterly stupid (mostly in order to escape from my internal catalepsy). So what I did was I bought four random cheap objects, and mixed them together into one of the worst presents ever.
Because I can.

These are the four things that I bought. What remained was to combine them into a horrid monstrosity.

At first I made a ball...

My cat kinda likes the ball...

Jupp, there it is.

After that, I for no good reason put the ball inside of whatever this is, and sealed it all with a padlock. Because I can. And guess where the keys to the padlock are? Forever to remain inside of the ball. (I might or might not have had a spare key).

A bit of a neater form.

And done.

Believe it or not, but making all this took about four hours. You may say that's a waste of time, but naturally, I did all this while watching Dexter at the same time... So that's productivity for you. I've also done other weird stuff. For example, I did some finger knitting for the first time in many, many years; it was so long ago that it felt a bit nostalgic. I'm surprised that I remembered how to do it. When I was seven or so years old I used to get yarn from my grandmothers mother, in order to do some finger knitting. I believe that my record is knitting something closer to 20 meters in length. There are several ways to do finger knitting, but it's mostly meant for children, or people that are extremely bored. So I did this while watching Dexter as well.

I don't think it's that useful for anything really, but it's strong as a rope. I can assure you, without a tool like a scissor or a knife, you won't be able to break this thing. Not with pure strength. Unless you weigh a ton, this should even hold your weight, if you were hanging from somewhere.

But basically, I haven't really done anything that useful for some time though. But I should get to it sooner or later, I'm in no hurry. What I wish that I'd have done more of is writing on my book though, I haven't really done that during the summer either...

Well, I'll post the intro to a composition that I might make sometime as well... But be warned, it doesn't sound that good. For starters, I recorded it crappily, and I also ran into some technical difficulties, which makes the whole thing sound even worse. If I ever make this song, I'll redo the intro for sure, and remove that piano noise that doesn't suit at all (also, I recorded it with too little volume).

I recommend that you listen with headphones though. I experimented a bit with the panning on the flute sound in the beginning. This is to say that the sound will begin by only being heard by your left ear, only to then shift to your right ear, and then being heard by both ears. It's a quite funny effect, giving the illusion of depth. It could have been done better of course.

Light is Darkness Too - Intro (

I'm pretty sure that this is the first post that I've written in a morning.

Well, that would have to be all for this entry. I hope that it didn't bore you to death.

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