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Well, this post shouldn't turn out to be that long; if for nothing else, I don't have that much time for writing right now (edit: long enough...).

Imagination. Without it, humanity wouldn't be worth much. The ability of imagining is essential for several human features, such as planning, creativity, or thinking in general. To be able to process information in your mind, and even make up new possibilities that exist solely in our minds is just astounding to me. Imagining can be a way to prepare for the future, trying to think of what might happen and how to deal with that.

Aside for that, Imagining can at times fill in otherwise empty time. If you've got nothing better to do, you might every now and then find yourself thinking of pretty much random stuff, maybe even day dreaming. Fun fact, day dreaming is actually a real type of dream. This is to say, while you're day dreaming, the activity of your brain noticeably changes. It's also possible to suddenly snap out of a day dream. What I mean is, you might have gotten so into your thinking that you've almost forgot where you were and what you were doing for a while, until you realize that you were inside your own thoughts for a moment. I really should make more entries about dreaming. At least for some of you that might be quite interesting reads.

Anyway, to imagine, is important. Many people say that their imagination was so much better when they were children. In a way, I can see what they mean. On the other hand, I don't feel that way myself. I'd say that the way I imagined things was just different. It's a given that I could live into things more. Frankly, I believe this was simply because I was much less intelligent when I was a small child. You didn't understand the world the way that you do now. Most children under 10 (approximately) don't even possess the ability to philosophize properly; their brains have simply not developed enough for that to be a possibility before a certain maturity. But it's just because of that that I was able to focus so well and live into my fantasies like I can't do now; I wasn't automatically forced to see more of the overall picture, I needed but to see what I wanted to and thought was fun. I guess that's part of the reason as to why children are often called so innocent; you can't really have them take too much responsibility!

All the movies I watched, all the games I played, they seemed so much more important back then. You can't really play a game and experience it the same way you did when you were little, the big eyes watching full of wonder when you for the first time played an amazing game on a console of any kind. Of course, there's always nostalgia, or otherwise just remembering the experience, but at least for me, it never gets to be the same. They say children are easy to influence, and I guess that in many cases that is true.

Role playing was also much, much easier when I was a child. I did it long before I even knew what RPG's were, I think most children do. Often, it's simply what children do when they are playing. For a parent, it might seem like the children are just randomly running around the garden, but in reality, the kids are living in a fantasy world, running around slaying beasts, or whatever. Of course that is very generalized. For instance girls usually have other ways of playing, let's say with dolls, but that's pretty much role playing all the same. I hope that you can relate.

Be wary though. One often glorifies nostalgic memories and puts them on a pedestal, making them out to be more than what they were. But there's really not much harm to that. I guess it's one way of coping with getting older. As I said, there's nothing wrong with my imagination now, it's simply different. Sometimes though, I wish I could for once forget everything else, and in a childish way run across the streets outside playing like a maniac. If I get old enough, maybe I'll get demented enough to do that, but it's not really something I'm looking forward to.

As to having a wild imagination, I think I've still got it. Children often draw weird pictures and everyone's like "Would you look at that! A rainbow colored fish with legs, who would have thought of that if not our smart little Billy here! I'm sure he'll grow up to be a doctor!"

Well, in that case, I'm sorry to break it to you, but anyone could think of that... It's not really that difficult. I'll prove it to you! (The sad ironic reality is that the drawings I drew aren't that much better than a small child would draw them...).

Well, I guess it's a bit brutal, but I'd say it's still at least as imaginative as a child's drawing would be. This is what happens when I have religion class at school. However, the picture isn't smart in any way, it's simply random. Well, I guess you could claim it combines the symbolic of the sacrifice with that of the fish (Ichthys), but that is a bit farfetched.

Well, I drew this picture during the same course as well... I saw that some people had had to draw the way they saw God (thus funnily enough going against the second commandment, I think) during a different course, and I wanted to give it a shot, and this is how it turned out (It's naturally, only drawn as a joke). The other pictures had been hung up on the wall, so I secretly put mine there as well.

I've drawn one more picture lately (apart from art class, from which stuff might end up on this blog later), but it's not yet done.

It's a slightly more serious picture. It's basically perspective training, since my brain (or rather, I) absolutely sucks when it comes to perspectives, as many could see from just watching this picture. But it's okay; it can be quite cool when things defy the laws of physics in drawings sometimes, hence making things more abstract. That stem that can be seen through the closest plant-thingy is however, momentary. I tried to visualize the base behind it... This will be the first picture in my new dream journal. In my earlier entries I've posted some old ones.

Well, that was all for now. I hope that you'll have a good day, and I imagine you will ;)

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