Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hollow Hallows

Alright, heads up. This will probably be one of my shortest blogposts up to date (not the shortest one though). But in the end, that is quite fitting.


Well you see, usually when I claim that I will try to write something short, I end up writing thousands of words in one go. But this may well be one of the only times that I keep true to my word. And that is actually, pretty scary, at least coming from me. Which of course is fitting, as it is now Halloween.

I was actually supposed to write about a rather personal subject this month, but I ended up procrastinating and ignoring my school assignments until the very deadline, and managed to not work on any of the other stuff I had intended to do either. Good news: my school assignment is finished. Bad news: I'm too tired to write about that subject I mentioned. However, I will strive to write a good post about it sometime during the coming month instead.

As for now, I really only mean to write this as a short update kinda thingey. The subject for this time isn't that interesting, which is why the title includes the word "Hollow". The rest is probably self-explanatory... If I was writing a very deep post though, but with the same title, I'd probably be writing about ideas and values to which humans misguidedly place their trust. But such depressing talk is for another time. Let me just say that I really hope that Bernie Sanders will manage to become the president of the U.S.A. next year. That'd be... That'd be nice (perfect segue).

I'm still coughing, and I'm probably soon starting my second month in a row of doing so (I almost mistyped and wrote "dying so"... Weird). Yay! My studies at the University, despite my laziness, are still going pretty well. My fellow students are nice, fun people, and the teachers seem to know what they're talking about too.

But what can I have been doing this month when I've been so unproductive? I guess I have really just managed to waste (but of course, the time is not really wasted) my time online, with friends, playing the piano, and I've engaged in more skype conversations than ever before. I'm beginning to develop a pretty big list of contacts to whom I frequently talk to at this point. It's really nice, but also quite time consuming.
Other than that, I've started watching a few new animes. One that I really liked, is "Ansatsu Kyoushitsu", otherwise known as "Assassination Classroom". It has one of the weirdest plots currenly in existence; The anime revolves around a tentacle moster, teaching a class of students, how to kill him. I mean, without even watching the show, you know that that is a winning concept. I knew it from the start, and not even once, was I proven wrong.

Speaking of anime. My operation "Total Anime Transformation" is almost complete. I bought this new Gothically styled long coat from the interwubs (WUB WUB) because I liked the design. I was lucky enough to find one in the right size too. So I dyed my hair black, and costumed up, just in time for Halloween,

Of course, I'll keep on wearing the getup after Halloween as well. I was actually positively surprised by how good the material the coat is made of is, and how well it keeps you warm even if it's cold outside. Turns out it has other uses than the purely visual one. Now that I have black hair again, it's probably time to change my profile picture, huh? I'll get to that in a moment, I guess...

Now other than Halloween, there's another holiday coming right up. That'd be, "All Saints' Day", or "All Hallows". It's a time when we commemorate those who have died on us. Instead of writing a traditional Halloween song, kinda like the goofy style from "A Nightmare Before Christmas", I let my short track of this year take on a more of a sad tone.

This is a piece that is meant to honor the dead. It's actually based around one of my old recordings that I found on my computer.

Anywho. As I promised, that is it for now.

I wish to see you return to this blog sometime next month, when hopefully, I'll have written about a slightly more interesting topic than my mundane life.

Until then, make sure to scare someone you know >:D