Thursday, October 31, 2013

Homosexuality is WRONG

I've been meaning to write about the topic of sexual orientations for some time; I just never got to it, until now. In this particular post I will focus mainly on some aspects of homosexuality, although I am aware that there are several other sexual orientations. Still, with appropriate changes, what I am about to say could probably be applied to bisexuality, transsexuality and what not as well.

When I said I've been meaning to write about this topic for some time, I actually only meant that the idea had crossed my mind. What really triggered my willingness to write to write about how homosexuality is treated in today's society (societies), was nothing but plain ol' anger. You see, a couple of weeks ago I should have been sleeping. However, since tiredness seemed unable to find me, I browsed the interwebs instead. Eventually, I somehow managed to come across these gif images. They immediately caught my interest, since they depict an interview, where discussed is one of the more important topics of the present. That, and the fact that one of the arguing men is the quite famous and easily loveable Stephen Fry. To most people, I think that the gifs speak for themselves. The man from Uganda is basically batshit crazy. In his opinion, it's not as big an issue if young girls are raped in the "right way", as it is if two consenting adults of the same sex have sexual intercourse.

The real problem is that he is not alone with his views. Since the moving pictures had managed to catch my interest, and I didn't feel like sleeping anyway, I decided to look up the source of the interview. Turns out, Stephen Fry has made a two part documentary about homosexuality, so having nothing better to do, I watched them. Now, I am not usually that easily emotionally affected (maybe I'm just too cynical), but I can't recall the last time I felt as sad and frustrated as when I watched the documentary (you can find it here).

There are some things that make me lose faith in humanity, and the way homosexuality is still treated around the world is one of them. It's difficult to believe that after all the years humans have spent on earth, after all the progress in all the areas, we are still the only known species dumb enough to condemn a form of love that is as beautiful as any. And the reasons are even more disturbing.

Not only are there people blaming their hatred of gay people on an ancient book of "wisdom" that also forbids a lot of other stuff that no one seems to pay attention to, but there are those who don't even seem to know a reason for their despise at all. The real root of the problem seems to be idiotic stubbornness, lack of education, and scapegoating. To me it was sickening to watch all the odium that stemmed from the very culture of present Ugandans. Close to everyone in Uganda seems to be against homosexuality, and it is almost like the majority would like to see all homosexuals punished by death.

There are people who try to explain why homosexuality is wrong with ridiculous lies that any sensible child could refute. And those people are all about spreading an image of disgust. They earn a status in society by creating an image of homosexuals that is far worse than any devil you could imagine. And they are all about anuses and penises and sex, they don't even think about the mutual affection people of the same gender might share. Also, in many places in Africa people have been brainwashed to genuinely believe that condoms result in a higher risk for HIV and AIDS, instead of decreasing it. And as we all know, there would be no AIDS at all if only those damn gays would do the right thing and choose to be heterosexual... Because you would definitely want to choose to be homosexual in a country where you might get killed for it. Totally makes sense.

Another thing is, in Uganda there seems to be a constant fear of homosexuals recruiting people to their "lifestyle", especially young children. I mean, it's such an easy bribe! "Hey kid, want to be cool? All you've got to do is to suddenly become attracted to people of your own gender, in order to be hated by all people around you! Sounds awesome, right!!?"

I naturally need to provide some kind of example of what I'm talking about, so here you go:

The infamous "eat da poo poo" priest...

You might laugh at the video, but in reality it's much more severe; some actually listen to people like him, and continue the tradition, so to say. That guy is just one among many. Watch any interview about homosexuality that takes place in uganda, and you will hear similar stuff or even worse.

I know that I've focused pretty much solely on homosexuality in Uganda, but that is simply one of the places where the issue is most apparent. You've all heard about homosexuality in the Western society already, or so I assume at least. It might be difficult to realize the reality of the situation unless you really invest some time into seeing how bad things really are for some people that just happen to not have been born heterosexual. At the moment, I also refrain from further explaining any of my observations; I'm hoping that you readers will understand the key yourselves.

Another most discomforting fact is the current situation in Russia, where progress on human rights seems to have taken a few important steps backwards.

Now, I could talk about this topic forever and ever, for all eternity, but I doubt that'd do much good. If you haven't got the point at this point, I doubt you will at all.

If you want to listen to a lecture with comedic input, about the morality around homosexuality, I suggest you check out this video that I watched just yesterday.

Well, I don't really think there's that much to add to this entry at this point, but please comment if you think of something.

I shall leave you with this:

I think it was Daniel Radcliffe (perhaps more known as the actor in the role of Harry Potter) who said something along the lines of: "You don't need to be gay to be a supporter, you just need to be human."

If there are any of you out there whom really think homosexuality is wrong, I have a bet, or a challenge for you.

Give me any argument against homosexuality that you think deserves attention, and I assure you, I am capable of confuting that argument, while providing 10 counterarguments.

And that, as they are so keen to say, is that.